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  • 4th of July Community Picnic

    Sat. Jul 2, 2016 (11:00 am - 3:00 pm) Paw Paw Bible Church, 410 7th St in Paw Paw, will host a Community Picnic on Monday, July 4th at 11am. Lunch will be provided and there will be fam... More...

My Story

  • keeping faith away from home


    I am a humanitarian aid worker currently on mission on Liberia. Working away from home and family is not easy. Ministering to my 2 kids has been challenging. As a Christian, it is also easy to wander away from faith. I miss my family, and my cell fellowship. Thanks to technology though, the distance is somewhat now manageable. I discovered WBGL and wow - today has been amazing! I found myself doing my laundry, ironing, cooking, washing dishes and having fun singing along to my favorite songs all day on WBGL. Thank you so much. I am enjoying it to the fullest!