Give by Shopping

Give without giving! Here are some ways to financially support WBGL by doing the everyday things you're already doing.

GoodShop & GoodSearch

WBGL Toolbar

You can help effortlessly support WBGL! It's the WBGL GoodApp - once added to Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome, each time you shop at one of the more than 2,600 participating retailers, a percentage of what you spend will be donated to WBGL at no cost to you! You could even save money as the WBGL GoodApp provides coupons and deals! The WBGL GoodApp also has a search box and each time you search the Internet, about a penny is donated to WBGL - no registration is required! Get the WBGL GoodApp NOW!

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Please download the GoodApp for WBGL to support us every time your search the web or shop online.

Download GoodApp for @WBGL_Radio to support us every time you search or shop online.

Meijer Rewards

WBGL's Code: 131248

You listen to WBGL, and you buy groceries. What if there was a way to support your favorite family friendly radio station every time you buy groceries for your family? Recently, we took advantage of an opportunity to participate in a new program offered by Meijer. We are now enrolled in Meijer Community Rewards

Meijer Community Rewards is one simple way that you can support WBGL while shopping for your family. Here's how you can participate. We need you to join Meijer Community Rewards. It's free and easy, and can be done on-line at or by picking up your application here and mailing it to Meijer. If you already have a Meijer Credit Card, just call 1-800-962-7011 to join. Then simply swipe your card at the register whenever you shop at Meijer. Use it for food, clothing, toys, home accessories, and more! We will automatically receive a percentage of your purchase totals.

This program can make a wonderful difference in enabling us to serve you! Meijer Community Rewards has some of the highest reward percentages on over 150,000 items, and will send us a check monthly! Best of all, the program automatically earns money whenever you shop, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can also sign up online at When you apply, you will be asked to provide the organization code for your choice organization, WBGL! Our organization code is 131248 . If you are already signed up for the Meijer Community Rewards program for your school or church, you can add WBGL (131248) by visiting the update your account page online or call 1-800-962-7011 and Meijer can make the change right away.

The sooner you join Meijer Community Rewards, the sooner we will begin receiving rewards! Questions? Go online to, call Meijer at 800-962-7011 or contact our promotions director, Jennifer Briski at 866-917-9245

Some helpful links about the Meijer Rewards program are as follows:


eBay/PayPal Giving Fund

Now you can support the ministry of WBGL through selling your items on eBay.

A percentage of the proceeds of your choosing, from the sale of your items on eBay, can be designated to WBGL through PayPal Giving Fund is the exclusive charity solution provider for eBay Giving Works. The service that PayPal Giving Fund provides is a safe and easy way to support your favorite 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, like WBGL!

Simply look around the house for things you wouldn’t mind parting with. Maybe it’s that video game system that just became obsolete this year, a Beanie Baby collection, or that snowman sweater that’s buried deep in the dresser.

Then, get ready to use PayPal Giving Fund—Here’s How:

  1. When listing an item on eBay, choose “donate a percentage of sale”.
  2. Pick WBGL, a certified nonprofit organization, from the database using the PayPal Giving Fund popup window.
  3. The item will appear on eBay with the Giving Works icon.
  4. WBGL and the donation percentage designated will also appear with the item description.
  5. When the listing ends, the buyer pays the seller, and the seller ships the item to the buyer-as usual.
  6. The seller then pays their donation to PayPal Giving Fund.
  7. PayPal Giving Fund distributes the funds to WBGL and provides the seller a receipt for the gift.

Using PayPal Giving Fund is a unique and easy way to show your support of WBGL. Click here for more information on PayPal Giving Fund.