Backyard Bounce

Come join Tim & Pam from the Morning Show for one week of bouncing and fun! It's this summer's BACKYARD BOUNCE!

They'll be coming to a park near you! 8am-noon each day  Monday 6/24- Monday 7/1. Check out dates and locations below-

6/24- Centennial Park in Peru
13th & West Streets - Map here.

6/25- Lincoln Park in Danville
1000 N. Logan Ave- Map here.

6/26- Fairview Park in Decatur
Corner of Rt. 36 and Fairview Ave- Map here.

6/27- Hendelmeyer Park in Effingham
1906 S. 4th St- Map here.

6/28- Deming Park in Terre Haute
Corner of Fruitridge and Ohio Blvd- Map here.

7/1- Veteran's Park in Mount Vernon
800 S. 27th St- Map here.

Tim & Pam will be collecting new pairs of shoes and socks for our Shoes for Orphan Souls at each Backyard Bounce- bring a pair or two along! We hope to see you!!