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Noon Day Drop Celebration

December 31, 2014 (11:00 am)

The Orpheum Children's Science Museum, 346 N. Neil St in Champaign, will host the Annual Noon Day Balloon Drop Celebration on Wednesday, December 31st begin...

My Story

  • Comfort through hard times

    As a teenager entering my final year of high school, trying to figure out how to balance school and work is very stressful. With that said, I've also had problems within my personal life involving long distance. I have the WBGL app on my phone and as I was sitting down with phone in hand, the app turned on by itself. The song that started playing was Stronger by Mandisa. It picked me up right away, and it was like God talking to me and comforting me. And as I write this story, the music continues to pick me up for I refuse to turn it off. I just want to thank you WBGL for having this great station to have God comfort those in need.