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Spaghetti Supper Fundraiser

January 31, 2015 ( 5:00 pm)

Savoy United Methodist Church, 3002 W. Old Church Rd in Champaign, will host a Spaghetti Supper Saturday, January 31st beginning at 5pm. This event is to ra...

My Story

  • Life changing pastors

    I was lost never giving any thought to god ,been to several churches over the years only left not wanting more when my kids forced me to go to church with them one day and i met the most amazing family of followers called the victory church. My pastor who i kinda knew already began to preach like he was talking to me and me alone and for the first time in my 37 years i heard the word of god and i found jesus and a life that i never new. Since that day i have read the bible , joined bible studies, missed only 3 days of service and talk with god every single day. I can say with out partor peircy i would still be lost so i owe him my life with god .i think so many churches dont connect with todays youth and With out todays youth there isnt a tomarrows church and This is why pastors like mine are so important