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Family Fall Festival

October 30, 2014 ( 5:00 pm)

The First United Methodist Church, 118 W. Jackson St in Morris, is hosting their Annual Family Fall Festival on Thursday, October 30th from 5-7 pm.  This i...

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  • WBGL

    Iam from India and not a single day goes by listening to the wbgl radio.The songs have been such a great blessing in my transition time ,We moved to another smaller town from a big city coz of my husbands new job .My life of 6yrs in a city along with my kids of 8 and 14 just came crashing down when we decided to move .Well cut long story short, the songs your radio played were immensly a blessing to me and my family,and restored me with so much joy and peace.Thank you Wbgl.God Bless you. Thank you Dr Shebah