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-James 5:16

The Prayer Center is a resource from WBGL to equip listeners to join staff in praying for those with prayer concerns.. Take a moment to browse through the requests below. If you prayed for one of the requests, you can encourage that listener by letting them know you prayed. In many cases, you can even send your prayer or a word of encouragement to their email.

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Pray my nephew and his wife grow spiritually and have high standards for church attendance.

Prayers for my family


I need prayers for my family. None of them believe in God anymore and I would love to see them come back. There is so much dislike between them, they are always fighting among themselves. The curse each other and scream all the time. I feel like I going to lose my mind one day if this doesn't stop. Thank you and God Bless!!

My uncle


My uncle is having problems in life and it's affecting his marriage and family relationships. He's not that well. Can you please pray for him. Thank you.

prayer for baby June

Elizabeth Shockley

I write you to about my friend grand daughter who is right now in the hospital on a vent to but stable waiting on more test but we need all the pray we can get for her she is only 4 months old ww call here June ...thank you



Hey everyone. I would really appreciate some prayers. I have been struggling with depression and an eating disorder for quite some time now. I have been praying to God multiple times every single day but others prayers would be greatly appreciated. Also good book requests to read. Thanks so much!!

Food Addiction Follow-Up


Hello everyone! I just wanted to thank you so much for praying for me! It is so helpful to receive emails out of nowhere that someone is praying for me (and so many days after the initial request!). With your prayers and God's strength I have avoided triggers (and binging) for over a week now. I am just taking it one day at a time. The healthy foods are making me feel better emotionally and physically. I traveled out of town and survived airport temptations and stayed where they had a kitchen in the room and avoided restaurant temptations. Food addiction is real. And it hurts. And I am praying for you too who struggle with it. I can't but God CAN!!!

Prayer for my husband


Please pray for my husband Trevor that he will be set free from strongholds and addiction with with alcohol. He's a believer so I am thanking God for that. Please also pray for me as I walk through this with him, as some days are very hard. Please also pray that God will open doors of opportunity for Trevor when he finishes his MBA in June. We are seeking His leading and guidance as to where we are suppose to move to and what jobs to apply for. Thank you.

favor for Matthew


Matthew going back to UTI auto program today to possible return to do the BMW, PORSCH or VOLVO program too. Please pray for FAVOR. He was unable to join the military because of his past driving record.

Mother having a hard time after my caters death


My mom is having a really hard time dealing with life after my fathers death. She took care of dad 24-7 for several years. He had a heart pump for several years,then his last year of life he had stage 4 lung cancer that killed him. Mom is scarred from all of this, she's very bitter and angry. Please pray for inner peace and comfort. Thank you for prayer's.

mother in law having surgery Monday.


My mother in law CS is having surgery on her hand Monday 21st of febuary. Please pray that everything goes well and that surgeon's do a great job. Thank you for prayers!!!

my ma


My ma had cancer but she survived but her back is hurting her like crazy



Please pray for me and my friend Sangh, as both of us are looking for our marriage. Both of us are looking a suitable job as we are facing financial crisis. May the Lord provide us financial resources and job for us. Pray for our admission and exam in CTET as we are looking to God for the same, to qualifying of this exam will help us to be a teacher in any school. Pray for our ministry GOOD SHEPHERD FOUNDATION its financial needs. There is one company which is not refunding our money, please pray that God change their heart for refunding our money which will utilize for church work. Pray for my close friend Mrs. Carrie and her family as they are facing many troubles, may the Lord bless them financially to survive their lives happily as well as they can support God’s work. Please pray for my father and brother’s spiritual life as they are away from the Lord and God help them to bring closer.

Future marriage


I am getting married in about 6 months. I live my fiancée more than I can express. I am getting worried about marrying into his family. They are overbearing and manipulative. I am asking Gods hand to be over this situation, and His blessing on our future marriage.

government job


Dear brother /sister ,i am rathish from small village in Ooty,i am 22 yrs old ,im trying for government job and I trust you will help me to get a government job and god s blessing forever . Please pray for me to get a government job ,I have faced many problems in my life .I have been critized,hurted,insulted,avoided ,etc by all of them .though I'm poor many people always makes hurt me and my family. Not only others our relatives also hurt me.but I trust Jesus,I know he will make my dreams to come true . I have written and also going to write my cwe exams .so I need to get pass and to get govt job .please pray for me.I trust you very much. I have no way ,only you are my ultimate way to reach god, so I need to get my govt job,please pray for me to get the govt job . I want to be a biggest example (testimony) to all .I really trust Jesus more than 100% (Jesus saves) I m now facing hell please help me to get the govt job( praise the lord) I love Jesus and he loves me.(amen )

A Father's Medical Miracle and Family's Move


I love the prayer warriors and friends of WBGL! so I am bringing this to you all. A Christian sister, Sara, in California, needs a medical miracle for her father, if it is HIS will and at the same time, they are having to move out of their house and find a new one. There are so many details I am leaving out, but HE knows... Would you pray for wisdom of the medical team involved with her father and for God, if His will, to touch and heal the man... and give comfort guidance to his wife and Sara, his daughter that lives with them to help care for her dad? ... worrying about the dad's health and then having to move and not knowing where... it is a load-please help them to bear it? God bless you all... I know my fellow brothers and sisters here will come thru in lifting them up... you have done this for so many and for me and mine. Thank you! Ti