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-James 5:16

The Prayer Center is a resource from WBGL to equip listeners to join staff in praying for those with prayer concerns. Take a moment to browse through the requests below. If you prayed for one of the requests, you can encourage that listener by letting them know you prayed.

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Thanks and Prayer Request


Thank you all at the WBGL team for playing the music you do. Just got home from group in Pontiac, IL. thank you for reminding me that we are to be grateful in everything. some of the music that you recently played has a lot to do with faith and family. please pray that i will really start listening with my heart above all and to act in faith and not in fear and to really wait on The Lord!

Broken hearted


Please pray for our family as my mother was just given 6 months to live. She has been battling a rare form of cancer for 10 years now and there is nothing more doctors can do at this time.

Justice and Favor


Healing for Kenyetta and family. God gives Kimberly a Word for Ash Wednesday Service. A new job for Justin and Juwanna. Protection and Favor for Henry and Aaron with truck situation. Justice and Favor for Darius at work and with co-workers and bosses. Justice and favor for Kimberly during Quarterly Conference on 3/2/2017. Protection and Favor for Kimberly and Juwanna with car situation. God grows Kimberly’s church (Flipper Chapel) and blesses spiritually and financially. God blesses me in position as Associate Category Manager for the State of Georgia and in Ministry. Juwanna Booker and Tonja Lyons – A spiritual encounter with Jesus. God blesses a minimum of ten new families to join the church this Conference year that want to worship God and serve Him. God bless Rev. Thelma Milner and her Ministry.God’s vision for Kimberly’s life and Ministry and Flipper Chapel to be manifested. God blesses Flipper Chapel to get parking lot paved and church painted. God blesses Bishop Jackson and Elder Rhone to do right by Kimberly, gives Kimberly justice in situations with Elder Rhone, Dr. Rhone, Elder Hudson and Sis. Hudson and all of the Elders, Rev. Eason, Houston, Powers, all Pastors, Bishops and Preachers, Daniel and Anthony, Alicia, Matthew, Ricky, Darryl, Brandon and that they promote Kimberly per God’s Will. God blesses Kimberly to be an Excellent Pastor and Preacher. Favor with God and man for Kimberly and Family. God blesses Kimberly and Sermons with Triple Anointing, power and Holy Spirit by blessing them to be anointed, powerful, full of quantity, quality and to grow in length and Spiritual Growth and Promotion. God gives Darius justice in situations with Milton Wiley, Chris Johnson, Charles Ross, Isaac Clayton, Bruce Spann and Emory as a whole. God blesses Darius and Co-workers not to have to work weekends. Flipper Chapel has the funds and pays all bills, salaries and Budgets. God gives Kimberly a Word for His people for every time I preach, speak, pray, read scripture, worship lead or do anything for God. God blesses Bishop Jackson and Elder Rhone to promote me according to God’s Will and to pay Kimberly right and on time. God blesses Elder Rhone to do right by me and not try to get rid of me. God blesses Kimberly and, Justin, Juwanna, Darius, Tya, Gretchen and Julian with spiritual and financial breakthroughs and saves their souls. God takes Kimberly to a higher level in Him and in Ministry. God’s Divine intervention, Favor and Protection in situation with Ace Cash Express and Flagship Finance with bad checks for Kimberly and Juwanna. Victory for Kimberly in completing dissertation and getting it approved. Prayer for Sis. Gray and her family with daughter Marisha and give Marisha Godly Wisdom and Guidance. Prayer for Arlecia and Germaine, Gerald, Denise and all members of Flipper Chapel to be committed and faithful to God and working in and outside of the church for God’s glory. God blesses Bishop Jackson and Elder Rhone to do right by people and the Sixth District and the South Atlanta District. God stops the spiritual attacks on Kimberly, her family, her life, her children and her Ministry. God Blesses Kimberly, her children, family, home, job and Ministry.

Finding peace and the truth


Please pray for my wife. She is going through some emotional troubles with a pending divorce and it is manifesting itself into her other relationships. Please pray that she finds peace and comfort in God's words.

Healing for my Wonderful Mother


Please agree with me in prayer for my mother. She said it feels like her arm is being squeezed like a vice and she has plaque buildup that makes her high risk for heart attack and stroke. Please pray in the name of Jesus with me for full restoration and healing from this, heart failure, and COPD and that, like the woman with the issue of blood, he will make her whole. I would be completely lost without her. I thank Him for her healing and the many more years we will have with her. By His stripes she is healed. She will not die but live and declare the works of the Lord. Thank you for your prayers!

For a couple


I witnessed a couple arguing. The woman was pregnant. Please pray for them to find resolution, peace and love in their relationship. Also, please pray for me to find my way in life and the willingness to act upon God's will for me.

pray for Charlie


Charlie S is a 61 year old in bad health a tree fell in on his home he has no heat , his water pipes busted but did not tell anyone because he had no place to go. In an attempt to get his roof fixed people realized how bad off he was. Now people are trying to see if his garage can be made into a home for him. A person has moved him in temporary housing. A fund was set up at Forsyth Methodist church he need funds for lumber, legal fees, his house has to be torn down. He needs prayers for all this. Thank you

Marriage Infidelity


My wife and I have struggled with infidelity. I was quick to forgive her but when we were working to resolve the issue in counseling, I failed her. I went to dating sites looking for self assurance. I lied to other women and pretending to be a single dad. I went as far as to plan a date with one of them. I thank God that he caused me not to go however I know I had the intent. Many people look at me as successful leader, father, and christian man. I am none of those things. I am a broken person capable of hurt. I ask for forgiveness because I hurt a person I truly care when she was hurting the most. I ask that God soften her heart as she has pushed me away. I ask that she will believe in me as she did before. We have a family that I want to provide for and see everyday. I ask that God forgive her and give her peace and forgiveness and remove the guilt that she carries. I understand I can not fix this by my own hands. We carry this burden and I ask Jesus to please take it from me and from her. I truly want to be free from this over whelming guilt and pain.

Broken Heart

Gregory S

Hello everyone-- I want you to sent my name up to God. I have been married for a little over 5 years. The marriage has been with its ups and downs--my wife would say mostly downs but I see mostly ups. Anyway--we are at a down period to the extent that I don't feel that it will recover. I have asked God where he is in all of this but he hasn't gotten back with me yet. My wife heart has grown hard against wanting to reconcile or mend the relationship. We both claim to be Christians but I don't see God in the issues we are having. I don't know what God has in place for me or my wife--please pray that God will reveal what he needs to reveal to both me and my wife. Also, pray for my broken heart. Greg S

Prayer for my husband


My husband job and many others need prayer they are thinking of going on strike tonight just praying that it does not happen as it will affect alot of families we need the income !!

Prayer for my divorce settlement and house approval


My divorce is finally coming to the final stages. My husband left almost a year ago to live with another woman and the divorce process has been very bitter because of actions he has taken. He is determined to leave me in dire straits with basically nothing. He has tried to do this to three other women before me and succeeded. Please pray that God's hand will intervene with the courts and that I would be awarded a fair and equitable settlement and that he would stop making things difficult. I have been trying to get approved to purchase a home and am having difficulty because I have a 9-month gap in my work history because he convinced me to retire from my other job after 31 years to enjoy retirement together and then he left. Pray that I would be approved to purchase a home - I have the money - and I have the credit. It's just the gap in work history and I don't have two years with my current employer. Pray also that I may forgive - not as much for him but for me so that I am not eaten up by bitterness and resentment. Help me to realize God's grace all the time and walk away with dignity.

Please pray for my cousin Mark


Please pray for my cousin Mark. He is going through a rough time right now. He has no income and is behind severely in his child support which up until recently he has paid for 16 years faithfully. He lives in Arkansas and they have taken his license and he is in danger of having to go to jail for almost a year unless he can come up with at least half or more of what his back child support is. He did some carpentry work for a friend on a promise of payment and now that friend refuses to pay him anything. Pray that this friend will have a change of heart. He has recently given his life to God and is trying to get back on track after some other trouble. Please pray that there would be a way for him to pay what he owes or that someone would contact him that would be able to help him figure out what to do. He can't work because he has no license to get back and forth - he feels frustrated and down hearted.

please pray...


For God to answer my prayers.

Need a miracle


My niece Ashley is in dire need of prayer. She's in the hospital and her intestines are shut down. She's down to 89 pounds and in severe pain. They can not do surgery because her body is so week. She is married with 3 children. Please prayfor her family also and for the Lord to give the Dr's wisdom. Thank you



Please pray for Brian who is battling a bone marrow cancer. He is back in the hospital fighting infection.