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-James 5:16

The Prayer Center is a resource from WBGL to equip listeners to join staff in praying for those with prayer concerns.. Take a moment to browse through the requests below. If you prayed for one of the requests, you can encourage that listener by letting them know you prayed. In many cases, you can even send your prayer or a word of encouragement to their email.

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Pastor wife


We are a small "Church Plant/Relaunch" we NEED a contemporary praise and worship pastor to come lead our church family into worship. Praying for 5 new and commited families in July. My husband to be able to work full time as our head pastor instead of an engineer. Our church needs him. He's trying to work as an engineer and full time ministry (no pay).



My Almost 16 year old daughter is so full of hate towards me and her step dad. My daughter is a Christian and being raised in a strong Christian home but we seeing her being so unhappy and hateful. I feel like I can't communicate with her because she bits my head off and jabs horrible words at me. This is not her normal behavior. Please pray for healing in my daughter and family.



A mom of dear friend of mine just got hit by a car and she's all he has and they all need prayed for. I appreciate it

Rallies in Kenya


On July 7, a rally to start to change Kenya by encouraging the overthrowing of President Uhuru will be taking place in Nairobi, Kenya. This has a high potential to become violent and cause terrorist attacks. I have friends in an orphanage outside of Nairobi who are very scared and asking for our prayers. Please pray that By Grace Disabled and Orphans Center and all of the children stay safe and feel God's love and protection surrounding them, and even more, that God's Will be done in changing Kenya for the better, so that no violence occurs on July 7.

new job

Tami Moran

I am not appreciated at my current job. I know that God has been trying to push me away from this place for a while. I am finally listening and sent my resume in yesterday. Praying to get it and away from my old Jesus mighty name AMEN

Update on my friend Nick

Kristen Goble

I asked for prayer the other day for my friend Nick who has been battling cancer. He past away this morning. Please, keep his wife, family and friends in prayer. As this is shock for everyone. Thank you!



Please pray for my friend Joyce. She is back in hospital again. She is fighting cancer. Please pray God gives the the doctors the knowledge they need, to get her back home and healed. God bless and thank you.

Prayer for peace over our community


Very recently our little town in Southern IL has been struck with multiple tragedy's. We have lost 2 to tragic car accidents, a sweet doctor (who loved his daughter so much) and a very loved youth pastor ( who loved his daughter and unborn baby) As well as 2 more whose identities have not been released. We have also had two suicides within our community, a young teenage girl, and a young mother over the past week. Along with a there is a young boy who is recovering from a serious brain surgery to help him with seizures. And a young mom of 3 who is the fight of her life facing liver cancer. Also, a prominent member from our school district has been convicted of a inappropriate crime, that has rocked our town. I know hearts are broken and so many are hurt and confused. YET, we know a God whom we turn to , who is faithful and is able. When our world is shaking~ He stands! I am asking that you join us as we pray for peace over these families who have lost loved ones, healing over those whom are ill and recovering and healing over our town as a whole. Thank you, God is able and the enemy is a liar!



Yesterday I had my follow up mammogram and ultrasound of both breast done. It appears that the left breast is no longer a concern but the right needs a biopsy on Thursday. Please pray that it will come back benign. The ultrasound tech tried to give me some reassurance by telling me she felt that it probably would be benign but still good to get in checked out for piece of mind. So please pray that it will be fine. I have had three biopsies in the past and a spot removed which have all been fine. I am just scared that one day it will change since my mom had breast cancer. God bless you all.

Prayers for Energy


I have been battling being very tired and no energy going thru tests to see what is wrong. Please help me pray for my health and healing and giving into fear. I need strength to get thru what ever lies ahead praying for a miracle that my next CT everything will be gone that showed up on my last one. thank you and God Bless

New job!


Lord please bless me with a new job, Lord I have been praying and standing for months now. I cannot work where so much is expected and I am belittled and not given the tools I need to do my job. Lord please take me out of this situation.

prayer request


please pray for me, i am feeling very stressed about personal things with my family, i try to make everything okay and i try too hard and it just makes me worry so much. Worry is with me when i wake up and when i try to go to sleep. asking for your prayers for me to feel less stressed and know that God will help me through, thank you.

Pray for God's perfect will


Please pray for God's perfect will for Chris and Mike's relationship. I would like us to be best friends. In Jesus Name, Amen.

trouble caring baby to 9th month.


Kim goes doc to see if baby ok. May be put to bed rest. Please God help both be healthy.YMX

to Trust, to be Patient for God's provision


Being in my midtwenties, I am looking for someone to pursue. I don't know when the Lord will provide, but my prayer request is to Trust God in his provision for finding a Godly woman to pursue, to Trust he will provide soon, and pray for me to be patient. Pray for me to find a Godly woman who is a believer, intelligent, funny, finds me attractive, loves me for me, trustworthy, etc. Pray that I myself have discernment when it comes to pursuing her.