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-PSALM 66:19
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Please continue to pray for my family.My children's father and I got into a heated argument today.I know I said some things I didn't mean in order to hurt him and I hope he didn't mean everything he said.Our words were harsh.Please pray for God to soften his heart and allow him to forgive me, please pray that God opens his eyes and allows him to see who is hurting.I want what's best for all of us.God, I miss him.I miss talking to him, joking around and playing.I miss my best friend, my partner.I miss our life.I hate seeing my babies hurting and them asking me when and if daddy is coming home.I need the strength to handle it and the wisdom to know how to deal with it if he never does.I hate thinking of that possibility but it's beginning to feel as if he never will.I'm terrified of the thought of being a single parent.I'm afraid of screwing up, it doesn't feel as if my best is ever good enough, I don't feel as if I'm good enough.Pray for me for guidance when it comes to my 10 yr old and that I'll know what the right thing to do is.He's troublesome and very difficult to handle, his aunt and uncle live in Colorado and want him to come live with them.I feel it's best for him even though we'll all miss him.I have so many people telling me I'm wrong for sending him and I'm starting to doubt myself.I have to make a decision by thursday and I'm lost.Pray for all of us.

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