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-PSALM 66:19
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financial help


dau has seasonal job--she only took the job simply because she needed the job--job is coming to an end. she has been applying for job, not only in her field she has a degree in, but in everything. nobody has called her back for interview or responded. to top things off, she had cashed her paycheck yesterday and was on her way to get a money order so send to her landlord. her wallet was taken which contained all the money from her paycheck as well as all her identifying information. please pray that God will somehow preform a miracle and the person who has the wallet or found the wallet will turn it into the police or store where she thinks wallet was taken from. landlord is waiting for his money and she does not know how much longer he will wait before telling her to move. she is a single parent with 2 children at home. please hold her job situation and issue with her rent & utilities up in prayer--- thank you

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