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-PSALM 66:19
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well i just found out i was acceped into a residential facility BUTTTTTTTT, they need $500 up front for book fees and materials and if they dont have a scholorshipp program then i have to go to a STATE hospital. this is so unfair while steve my husband who kicked me out of the house sits at home with the kids on his high horse smiling getting what he has wanted for some time now. please pray God will send me to the right place and it will all work out. the social worker is who told me and she also mentioned a homeless shelter as well. this is the devil working overtime on me. pray pray pray. i will NEVEr EVER see my kids again at this rate. also pray i urinate to and my health. still NOT urinating at all. non of this makes sense. im in the hospital seeking treatment why do i need the state hospital? this is all my husbands fault, he is so mean and heartless. i need prayers immedialtly

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