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-PSALM 66:19
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my marriage and finances


Please pray that my marriage be strong enough to endure all of the financial struggles we are encountering at the moment. I entered this marriage with alot of financial baggage due to the family business I worked for going under and closing down, my ex-husband causing quite a bit of financial turmoil in my life with an accident and credit card debt that I ended up having to help pay off, and my new husband using so much of his savings and 401K to bail me and my parents out at different times over the past 10 years. He just started a new job which we thought would help us tremendously, but he's actually only breaking even. The only good thing is he now is with a very large company and has some job security. His sister-in-law gave us the name of a financial company that helped them out tremendously, but when he tried to go with them, I talked him out of it and tried to fix our finances myself. Needless to say that has not worked. Please pray for us that this company can still help us and we can dig out of the mess we are in. Please help my marriage to stay strong and grow in God's Holy name. We have both always been very religious people, but with all of these problems, my husband has been questioning God's plan some. I just pray that things will work out for us and we can get caught up in our finances. Please pray with me for a Miracle, that God continue to bless us, and help us stay strong in His Holy name. Amen! God Bless all of the WBGL Family & listeners.

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