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-PSALM 66:19
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Relationship trouble


My boyfriend and I have been fighting, or rather him with me. He has not been feeling good and has COPD issues. Last night he told me lately he has felt like hurting someone when we fight. He has not felt like that since he was a kid. I know he loves me and my kids. I pray he will get through this and we will fight. He will say I am lying when I am not or that I was at the store for an hour in half, when it was 40 minutes. He forgets about things we talk about. I don't think its me doing it and feel something is wrong like his brain isn't getting enough oxygen. I can't get him to go to the doctor and wish he would. He says he wants me to leave and I know he doesn't because he says that every other month. He says he is trapped in our relationship and he isn't. Truth he hates being alone. Please pray he gets better or sees the doctor. Please pray he relizes that I am the only one who helps him and he needs me. I hope he remembers that.

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