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Every Day Life

By: Theresa

Hello! WBGL staff and friends you guys are a part of my life from 7am with Tim and Pam to 10pm with Weez or Lindsey. It is sometimes really hard to hear good clean music, but I know with WBGL it is great clean, and uplifting music that makes my day every day. I just wanted to say, "Thank you, WBGL, for how you minister to me and my kids all day long." I listen at 104.7 in Peru, IL. I love Tim and Pam In The Morning

my pastor

By: elizabeth

my pastors name is rocky green. our church is new beginnings apostolic church. my pastor has had a very rough year it started off he went for a check up and end up being diagnosed with stage four bone cancer. God has made a good testimony out of him. actually the cancer has spread throughout his whole body, he has been in alot of pain but he is still on a plat form preaching, God bless even though the cancer has spread through his body there is no sign whatsoever in his blood that there is anything wrong with him at all, so we are claiming him healed in Jesus name. i mean u would not be able to tell he had cancer by looking at him. then to top it off he was hit by a forktruck two monthes ago. that did a little bit of damage but not much. he was in alot of pain but God kept His hand on him that should of took his life but he only got a spraned ankle and a broken toe out of it. he doesnt like that support boot that he has to that forks of that truck hit him in the middle of the back. anyway he is a amazing man of God. he is the best pastor and spiritual leader you could ever ask for. thank you


By: Shebah

Iam from India and not a single day goes by listening to the wbgl radio.The songs have been such a great blessing in my transition time ,We moved to another smaller town from a big city coz of my husbands new job .My life of 6yrs in a city along with my kids of 8 and 14 just came crashing down when we decided to move .Well cut long story short, the songs your radio played were immensly a blessing to me and my family,and restored me with so much joy and peace.Thank you Wbgl.God Bless you. Thank you Dr Shebah

Music in the tattoo shop

By: Chris

I am a Youth Leader and a Tattoo Artist (Odd, I know) and started a ministry called INK 180 last year here in Chicago. I provide FREE tattoo coverups for former gang members and victims of human trafficking. I have a captive audience while I cover the evidence of their old lives to minister to them and help guide them in their new lives. Thanks for the great soundtrack you provide me with while I help them leave their old life at the cross and become a new creation in Him. Please check out INK 180 on FB or my website, Thanks and God Bless, Chris Baker

My Single Mommy Story

By: Madeline

I heard on the radio this morning about pastor appreciation, but am not sure where I go to "bless my pastor" So I'll just write it here. My pastor is amazing!! I was raised by a non-practicing Catholic Mom, and an Atheist Dad. My siblings and I were basically forced to go to CCD classes and make our communion and confirmation, but none of us ever liked doing it. I watched my younger brothers cry about going too! Once we all made our confirmation, we were all more thankful about being DONE than understanding what confirmation and Christ was all about. We were CEO's after then. (Christmas and Easter Only) And my Dad would chomp on his gum and has his arms crossed the entire time. Finally about 3 years ago my older sister invited me to Community Christian Church in Shorewood,IL. I was shocked! The whole set up was soo different. A stage with a band, a projector screen with the lyrics, no alter or robes. Just soo different. But I continued to go and now I absolutely love it! I was singing in the ensemble there, and am going to audition next week to lead worship sing! But let me get back to my pastor. He is the most warm, welcoming, and helpful person I have ever met. His name is John Ciesiewski and I am soo envious of the great husband, father, friend, and pastor that he is. He welcomes everybody with open arms, and his message just hits home ever week. I feel like a family here, which is something I have never felt before. He stood up there one day and said "If somebody came to me in need, and I wasn't willing to find some sort of way to help them. Then I wouldn't be doing my job very well." And I am living proof of that very quote. I am a single Mom of two boys (5 and 2 1/2) and I have been living on Section 8 and food stamps for quite some time now. At one point I didn't even have a car! But I told John my struggles and he helped me get on a waiting list for a donated car(who almost gave me a car, but my Gramdpa beat them to it! God bless him!) and also gave me a speedy gift card with $250 on it! Now that I have a car I am back to work at MaidPro, cleaning residential homes, and this is the best part!! John has been paying he $447/week tuition for my boys' Daycare! It all will be reimbursed once the paperwork for the state aid goes through, but God has truly blessed his heart to be willing to help me and my family out! This is really having an impact in soo many good ways for us, and I am so happy to be able to see him every Sunday and share our memories with him. He is a wonderful person to know. And I would definitely recommend coming to one of our services! P.s. I love your station. If ever I'm feeling down, or lost, I turn on your station and it lifts me up right away, and I'm again reminded of what God wants of me. I love the stories I hear, they really touch my heart, and maybe mine will touch somebody else's heart. I truly believe in your stations idea of being "stronger together". You give all of your listeners strength just by listening! That's pretty impressive! So thank you for always being there.

Life changing pastors

By: Dave

I was lost never giving any thought to god ,been to several churches over the years only left not wanting more when my kids forced me to go to church with them one day and i met the most amazing family of followers called the victory church. My pastor who i kinda knew already began to preach like he was talking to me and me alone and for the first time in my 37 years i heard the word of god and i found jesus and a life that i never new. Since that day i have read the bible , joined bible studies, missed only 3 days of service and talk with god every single day. I can say with out partor peircy i would still be lost so i owe him my life with god .i think so many churches dont connect with todays youth and With out todays youth there isnt a tomarrows church and This is why pastors like mine are so important

Comfort through hard times

By: Alex

As a teenager entering my final year of high school, trying to figure out how to balance school and work is very stressful. With that said, I've also had problems within my personal life involving long distance. I have the WBGL app on my phone and as I was sitting down with phone in hand, the app turned on by itself. The song that started playing was Stronger by Mandisa. It picked me up right away, and it was like God talking to me and comforting me. And as I write this story, the music continues to pick me up for I refuse to turn it off. I just want to thank you WBGL for having this great station to have God comfort those in need.

Always answers me

By: Diane

I can't even begin to tell you what I've been through in the last 2 years. I came home from work one day and my husband of 19 years had run off with a woman he met online. He took everything e had in savings and checking, even stole the 401K plan. I had 4 kids with a house I could not afford. I lost the home, they took my car. It was a nightmare. I cried and cried many days and nights. My children have been through so much in their young lives. I found two jobs and were doing better, until I found out my mom was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. I had to move to the country so I could afford our home and now I drive 30 minutes to work each day. I began listening to your station. You have no idea how much you've helped me. Your songs have brought me up on many down days. The song Blessings was one of those songs. Today as I was riding to work you had a discussion on how problems come in threes. That Friday is the tragedy Saturday is the grief and getting through it and our Sunday will come. I thank you for that as I wait for my Sunday to come. Thank you for helping me through some of my darkest hours. Diane

Thank you Tim and Pam

By: Alisha

Hello Tim & Pam! I know that you two don't know me but I just wanted to let you know how inspirational you two have been to me! I listen to wbgl every time I am in the car, when I am getting ready in the morning and have my radio playing at night when I go to sleep. You two have been extremely inspiring to me (especially when I heard that you two were going overseas on a missions trip!) A little bit about my story: I didn't grow up in a christian family, it wasn't until march 2011 that I started taking myself to church. I didn't know who God was or what he was all about but I was curious. In October I was saved and in November I was baptized! Since then God has been working in my life and pretty quickly at that! I went to Haiti on a missions trip for 2 weeks in May and while I was there and ever since I returned God was tugging on my heart and telling me I was going to move there. I landed on a Monday, on Tuesday I was randly offered a job as the 2nd grade teacher at Sonlight Academy in Port-de-Paix, Haiti, on wednesday I was randomly offered housing, on thursday I was told by a local Haitian there his family would give me free shipping of my belongings (his family ran the cargo ships).... While I was there he gave me conformation after conformation, but well after everything I still tried to make a bargain with God. (yeah like he does bargains like that) but my bargain was I will move there if my boyfriend moves there with me.... Well friday came and what happens I get taught a song and the end of the song goes "even if it costs me everything, i'll obey." Well! I was determined to stick to my bargain and when I returned the boyfriend said no he wouldnt move there so well it was official! I am not moving to Haiti then! :P 1 1/2 weeks later after stepping foot back on american soil my boyfriend and I broke up. I was standing there with no excuse anymore and finally gave the decision over to God and told him if he wants me to go I will go. I contacted the director at sonlight and I summited an application. I waited and waited and waited... still having this feeling inside of me that "hey you are moving to Haiti", but I couldnt do anything without sonlights official yes. So I waited and waited some more and this last tuesday July 24th I recieved the email saying, "welcome aboard Alisha to sonlight ministries!" I am now the 2nd grade teacher at sonlight ministries! The news that shocked me was how soon my departure would be! She then proceeded to tell me that it would be a quick departure and that I was leaving on August 13th. That was ALOT sooner then I ever imagined or even felt I had time to plan for!!!! I sit here today excited and nervous all at the same time, but I know that God will take care of all my needs! I have a 2011 Dodge Avenger car to sell and support to raise very quickly, but I trust that God will make whatever has to happen work out! If you want to read any more about my story or my support letter check out! :) I just want to say that listening to you two on the radio.. all of your inspiring words and your bible verses and the excitement in your voices has moved me so much and has made me run to God! I will still have internet over there so I will be able to listen to you two in the mornings while I am getting ready to go and teach 30 students 2nd grade (which includes the bible over there which I am so thankful for!) I just want to ask for prayers and say thank you both for everything you have done for me :) ~Alisha