Your Story

My Crazy Life

By: Allison

I have recently started listening to WBGL because the other station I listened to repeated a lot of the songs. I drive an hour to and from work everyday, so I flip on the radio to keep myself entertained. Though I have always been a Christian, my past few months, and my next few months are going to be trying times, and your station has really brought me peace through it all. I am currently 3 months pregnant, and I'm getting married in 3 months. I'm trying to buy a condo/townhome with my fiance, plan a wedding, deal with first trimester yuckiness, and I work full time nights as a nurse. Needless to say, your station, and my resort to prayer to bring me peace, has really REALLY been helping me through. The song that I have found on your station that I now listen to all the time for continuous encouragement is "My Lighthouse" by Rend Collective. It makes me cry every time I listen to it because I know how true it is, and I can feel the love of God wash over me every time. I so appreciate this station and all of the love and peace it has, and will continue to bring me.

Grateful for WBGL

By: Keyosha

I wrote in for prayer due to health issues and surgery. My hysterectomy surgery went well. There was no cancer, and my ovaries were able to be saved. I thank God for all the prayers I received from WBGL and the listeners. God bless you all.... forever grateful for you all.

You Saved My Life

By: Patti

Last year on April 14, 2014, I was out traveling for a helping hands organization delivering Easter baskets to less fortunate kids. I was traveling down the interstate, and all of a sudden I couldn't swallow. I tried clearing my throat and that didn't work, so I started to panic. I called 911 and the next thing I know is a state trooper is at my door and holding my hand telling me it will be ok. The last thing I remember is a song on the radio which was your station, and I believe God was there with me telling me it will be ok and to trust in Him. I truly believe your station saved me that day. The paramedics told me later, I kept asking, "Where did he go?". They asked who and I said, "God, He was here with me." I was told I quit breathing and they had to intubate me. The paramedics all stayed at the hospital until they knew I was going to be ok. I love you guys and your station, and I feel because of you, I am here today. Your station is the only thing I listen to at home, in my car and at work.


By: Heather

My grandpa (Papa) was my best friend for 20 years. Even though he had cancer twice, he was healthy and active. In August of 2013, he had a stroke out of the blue. He then spent 100 days in a nursing home learning to walk again. I visited him almost every day, and one night when it was just the two of us, I asked him to walk me down the aisle when I get married. He got to go home in time for Christmas. Last summer, he found out he had cancer again and his funeral was exactly 3 weeks later. My family and I went on a mission trip to Belize for one week at the beginning of June. We wrote him letters so he would have a letter to open every day while we were gone. We didn't know that God would take him so soon, and he passed the day after we returned home. But he waited for us and I was able to tell him I loved him one last time. Papa was a very Godly man and I'm so grateful I got to spend 20 fantastic years with him. I was talking to my friend about him tonight when the song "God Gave Me You" came on, which is the song I plan on walking down the aisle to at my wedding. That song came at the perfect time. Now I'm going to carry the hat he always wore down the aisle with me and find comfort knowing that he's with Jesus.

Finding God Again

By: Amber

I grew up with a very emotionally abusive and later on horribly physically abusive mother. My real dad was in jail since I was a baby, and I had a stepfather that I never felt took a place as a father. I was constantly put down daily by my mother and two sisters about how I was worthless and I should kill myself. This all started by the age of about 8. My mother had a deep hatred for me because out of my three sisters I resembled my father, the man she hated the most. I began cutting at the age of 9 and hid it for years before my mother used it to her advantage to make people feel sorry for her. I tried committing suicide thousands of times and even begged God to let me just die after he had saved me numerous times from my own destruction. After I no longer felt His presence in my life due to my deep depression, I forgot Him for years and wandered down an even harder path. On my 18th birthday, my mother kicked me out. My boyfriend of 2 years at the time took me in with his family and let me live with them. I was still in a dark place of not accepting or believing in God at this time as I had felt he had forsaken me, and I couldn't understand why he would leave me with that woman. My now fiancées mother began to bring Christ into my life again. She never forced it or pushed it on me, but the more I watched her in her faith, I began to see God again. Even after fighting it, I began to see Him little by little again. After I became a mom a year ago, I realized God gave me my daughter to help my heart heal again and to show me how to love again, since I had lost a lot of those normal things. Even though my mother still wants nothing to do with me or my daughter and our family, and I still have times where I feel upset because I'll never have that mom or dad to run to for love and understanding or help, but I've finally realized within the last year that Christ is my family and my father that I've never had. He has never forsaken me, and I have honestly felt Him so strongly in my life ever since. Every time I listen to WBGL in the morning, it gives me that moment to feel like God is speaking right to me. WBGL has truly helped me so deeply in my faith and has helped heal a lot of my emotional wounds from my mother. Thank you all for all you do! God is great!!

Growing Up With Autism

By: Sara

I was born with the umbilical cord wrapped around my neck twice. I stopped breathing, and the doctor had to run some tests to see if I had down syndrome, but I did not. I've gone to a lot of speech therapy from elementary school all the way to my final year in high school. I was diagnosed with Autism right before my 14th Birthday. I always ask, "Why do I have this disability?", but God put me on this Earth for a reason, to tell people about what it's like having autism. God and Jesus are always there for me when I'm struggling with things. Praise God for making me special.

Orchestrated by God

By: Hayley

Back in November, I was listening to WBGL and heard the song "You're Not Alone" by Owl City. I liked it and immediately pulled it up on YouTube and learned it. I struggle with depression, so the words were very encouraging to me. But soon it was December, and Christmas music took over the air waves and I forgot about it. That is until my 17-year-old brother died unexpectedly on December 11th. I play the song periodically and sing the lyrics to myself to remind me that I do "believe that God is love and He is all I need." Thank you for playing that song in November. I believe that God orchestrated it all to help me through the struggles of this life and particularly this loss.

Peace through Music

By: Lee

In May of this year, I lost my 18 year old daughter in a car accident. She was on her way home from Parkland College where she was taking a class on the New Testament. It has been difficult for us as parents, and particularly difficult for my youngest daughter. It would be easy to blame God, question God, and turn against Him. However, we have chosen to hold God close, lean on Him and turn TO Him. One of the ways we have been able to cope with this terrible loss, is by surrounding ourselves with Christian Music. Music that our daughter used to play, and even some that she wrote herself. WBGL is a daily part of our routine. It was part of our day for the years that Chelsea was with us, and will be a part of our lives as long as we are in this listening area! We "quieted our souls" and listened to what God had planned for us. In the past 6 months, we recorded a "Memorial CD" filled with artists from all over the country contributing Gospel, Contemporary, and Bluegrass music. The CD is now being offered to others who have suffered the loss of a young loved one. The songs all remind the listener that there is joy in the victory of death for those who choose the Lord as their Savior!

My Special Gift from God

By: Connie

On Valentine's Day, in 1993, I married my soulmate who was my special gift from God. My childhood was one of sexual abuse. I spent many years of therapy and prayers asking God for healing and that He could use me. I had been praying for "the man of God for me" for 4 years. The day I saw Jerry, God spoke to me and said, "that is the man you have been praying for". Why was Jerry so special? Several years earlier he had died while in the emergency room at a hospital. He received electric shock and came back. Jerry was the final step in my healing to be a whole, complete woman who had a voice. On the evening of July 27, 1993, Jerry was trying to drive to Carle Hospital while he was having an asthma attack. He got withing a few blocks and crashed his pick-up into a tree. A little after midnight, July 28, 1993, he was pronounced dead. In October that year, I was taking classes at Parkland. One evening, this song came on your station, "If you could see me now, I'm walking on streets of gold". There were many songs WBGL played at that time that brought so much comfort to me. I will never forget that night and the peace I received knowing where Jerry was. I have listened to you since you went on the air. Your music has always ministered to me. Thank God for WBGL.

You've Impacted Me :)

By: Carolina

Hello, first I would like to thank you for the song that made me feel great after a rough day. My story starts with me moving here (Rantoul) away from my whole family which was really hard. Then as a year went by, my family sorta split in half. I was gonna lose it; I didn't think I could handle it. Yet something just kept me calm and happy through horrible times. And now I know it was God! But not just Him, because I felt He worked His way and told me what to do through you guys! I thank you and Him for keeping me happy and joyful always!  :)

God Watching Over Me

By: Kim

For 27 years, I lost contact with my biological father. Last Christmas, my Brother brought a Christmas card to me and asked me to sign it. I thought the card was for my dying step father, so I said yes and immediately signed it. I quickly realized the Christmas card was not meant to be for my step father but for my biological father. Well the card was sent without thinking anything about it, and a week later, we received a card back from our father. So one thing lead to another, around Easter, we were reunited with my father. Between that time my husbands uncle had passed away suddenly, followed by step father. Then we found out my grandma had brain cancer, and she passed away in July, followed by my cousin who passed away in August of this year. Then in September, my uncle passed away, and in October, we had another family member pass away. This year there has been 6 deaths in our family. Through it all, God has been there watching over my family as has your radio station!!!! Any time I get down, I know I can turn on the radio and a song will lift me up or something that was said will encourage me. Thank you very much!!!


By: Shebah

I am from India and not a single day goes by without listening to the WBGL radio.The songs have been such a great blessing in my transition time. We moved to another smaller town from a big city because of my husband's new job. My life of 6 yrs. in a city along with my kids of 8 and 14 just came crashing down when we decided to move. Well cut long story short, the songs your radio played were immensely a blessing to me and my family, and restored me with so much joy and peace. Thank you WBGL. God bless you. Thank you, Dr. Shebah

Music in the tattoo shop

By: Chris

I am a Youth Leader and a Tattoo Artist (Odd, I know) and started a ministry called INK 180 last year here in Chicago. I provide FREE tattoo coverups for former gang members and victims of human trafficking. I have a captive audience while I cover the evidence of their old lives to minister to them and help guide them in their new lives. Thanks for the great soundtrack you provide me with while I help them leave their old life at the cross and become a new creation in Him. Please check out INK 180 on FB or my website, Thanks and God Bless, Chris Baker

My Single Mommy Story

By: Madeline

I heard on the radio this morning about pastor appreciation, but am not sure where I go to "bless my pastor" So I'll just write it here. My pastor is amazing!! I was raised by a non-practicing Catholic Mom, and an Atheist Dad. My siblings and I were basically forced to go to CCD classes and make our communion and confirmation, but none of us ever liked doing it. I watched my younger brothers cry about going too! Once we all made our confirmation, we were all more thankful about being DONE than understanding what confirmation and Christ was all about. We were CEO's after then. (Christmas and Easter Only) And my Dad would chomp on his gum and has his arms crossed the entire time. Finally about 3 years ago my older sister invited me to Community Christian Church in Shorewood,IL. I was shocked! The whole set up was soo different. A stage with a band, a projector screen with the lyrics, no alter or robes. Just soo different. But I continued to go and now I absolutely love it! I was singing in the ensemble there, and am going to audition next week to lead worship sing! But let me get back to my pastor. He is the most warm, welcoming, and helpful person I have ever met. His name is John Ciesiewski and I am soo envious of the great husband, father, friend, and pastor that he is. He welcomes everybody with open arms, and his message just hits home ever week. I feel like a family here, which is something I have never felt before. He stood up there one day and said "If somebody came to me in need, and I wasn't willing to find some sort of way to help them. Then I wouldn't be doing my job very well." And I am living proof of that very quote. I am a single Mom of two boys (5 and 2 1/2) and I have been living on Section 8 and food stamps for quite some time now. At one point I didn't even have a car! But I told John my struggles and he helped me get on a waiting list for a donated car(who almost gave me a car, but my Gramdpa beat them to it! God bless him!) and also gave me a speedy gift card with $250 on it! Now that I have a car I am back to work at MaidPro, cleaning residential homes, and this is the best part!! John has been paying he $447/week tuition for my boys' Daycare! It all will be reimbursed once the paperwork for the state aid goes through, but God has truly blessed his heart to be willing to help me and my family out! This is really having an impact in soo many good ways for us, and I am so happy to be able to see him every Sunday and share our memories with him. He is a wonderful person to know. And I would definitely recommend coming to one of our services! P.s. I love your station. If ever I'm feeling down, or lost, I turn on your station and it lifts me up right away, and I'm again reminded of what God wants of me. I love the stories I hear, they really touch my heart, and maybe mine will touch somebody else's heart. I truly believe in your stations idea of being "stronger together". You give all of your listeners strength just by listening! That's pretty impressive! So thank you for always being there.

Life Changing Pastors

By: Dave

I was lost never giving any thought to God. I've been to several churches over the years but only left not wanting more. When my kids forced me to go to church with them one day, I met the most amazing family of followers called the Victory church. My pastor, who I kinda knew already, began to preach like he was talking to me and me alone. For the first time in my 37 years, I heard the word of God and I found Jesus and a life that I never knew. Since that day I have read the Bible, joined Bible studies, missed only 3 days of service, and talk with God every single day. I can say without pastor Percy i would still be lost so I owe him my life with God. I think so many churches don't connect with today's youth and without today's youth there isn't tomorrow's church and this is why pastors like mine are so important.