Morning Show

Entertaining when you want it to be...
Encouraging when you need it to be.

Tim and Pam are the perfect kind of people to be friends with. They make you laugh...lift you up when you're down...and are just unique enough to give you great stories to tell at dinner parties. Whether it's the adventures of Pam and her five boys or the tales of Tim's many phobias, you'll find yourself wanting to call in and join the conversation...and they hope you do. Silly and serious...funny and won't want to miss waking up with these two.


While Tim is a man, he's not exactly your stereotypical "man's man." For example, he knows nothing about cars or tools, is pseudo-terrified of wild turkeys, and considers camping to be "voluntary homelessness." Tim would much rather spend time writing, doing puzzles, and napping during football games. (And he's not even in his 70's!) Tim is a husband and father, lover of Dr Pepper, and the author of Branded: Sharing Jesus with a Consumer Culture. Tim also does public address for the Chicago Fire and many University of Illinois sporting events including women's basketball, wrestling, softball, gymnastics, and swimming.


As if Pam's five boys and husband aren't enough to manage, she also has to keep track of Tim every morning. But if anyone can handle it, Pam can. Half girly-girl, half warrior-princess, Pam collects shoes she never wears (because she's always barefoot), loves sitting by the fireplace (indoors or out), and considers white popcorn to be "fine dining." Pam's travels have taken her from the heights of Maccu Picchu to the slums of Port-au-Prince...and her adventurous spirit has led her to ride her bike from Illinois to Ohio (three times) and complete two half-marathons. Pam runs XXI Stones, a non-profit ministry that provides clean water and shelter to people in need.

Join Tim and Pam weekday mornings from 5:30 to 10 and Saturdays from 6 to 10. Faith. Hope. Family. WBGL.



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