Water For Life

Could you imagine having to make the choice for your family? You either drink dirty water that could take your life or you go thirsty.

Water, when clean is life giving. But for too many people around the world, clean water simply doesn’t exist.

Because of a friend through Compassion International, your electronic gift to WBGL could mean clean water for a lifetime to a desperate family.

WBGL was blessed to partner with Compassion International during our Spring Fund Raiser, Sharathon.

Every new and upgraded commitment of $30 or more per month using EFT (electronic funds transfer), debit or credit card, will go to support WBGL and will help supply clean drinking water FOR LIFE for a family in a third world country through Compassion’s “Water of Life” program. (up to 1,000 water filters)

There has never been a better time to invest in the lives of people by supporting WBGL because your gift will literally have a life changing impact around the world!

Watch the water filter video with Tim & Pam


To find out more visit Compassion's website here.

WBGL is a 501c3 non-profit ministry and we appreciate and need your continued faithful financial support.