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Easy As Pie…

Do you love to hear powerful God stories?

WBGL's new podcast, The Unfolding, has ten inspiring stories that will fill you with faith.

More than 14,000 people have been inspired by the three episodes below, so this is a great place to start listening.  Hear a page in God's powerful unfolding story.
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Page 6 – Kevin & Jamie Crosier

If your goal in life is to be happy, what do you do when your marriage makes you unhappy? Kevin and Jamie Crosier had been so happy when they met, dated, and got married. But after a child and an…

Page 2 – Steven Curtis Chapman

From a very early age, Steven Curtis Chapman felt compelled to fix what was broken.  He was a peacekeeper, a conflict avoider, and he wanted more than anything to make people happy.  But as he grew, he faced brokenness he couldn’t repair.  And…

Page 1 – Joe Buchanan

This is the first episode of The Unfolding podcast. It’s a very special story from Joe Buchanan, Music Director for New Life Media. Joe also hosts a radio show on WBGL from noon to three on weekday afternoons. This story…

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