WBGL Intern

Do you know someone who would like experience working for an award-winning radio station? WBGL has a dynamic internship program that allows students to get hands-on experience in radio. Interns can learn more about production, promotions, event planning, marketing, morning show prep, office management, sales/underwriting support and all the inner workings of a radio ministry.


  • Intern candidates must be an upper classman enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate courses in radio, communication, marketing or related program. Candidates must submit a cover letter and resume and interview for the position.
  • Fall and spring internships are 12-16 week programs and summer internships are 10-12 week programs (programs will be coordinated with academic sponsor's guidelines).
  • Interns will work a minimum of 15 hours per week. Weekends and evening hours may be required.
  • Students must exhibit professionalism to serve as appropriate role models to listeners of WBGL radio.
  • Interns will dress professionally.
  • Good human relations and communication skills are important. Interns should be prepared to provide mature and professional responses to listeners, business and community contacts.
  • Contact from the supervising professor is required in planning the internship experience.
  • No dormitory space is available for interns. Local housing information will be provided upon request.

Interns then will be placed in the area that is mutually beneficial for WBGL as well as the professional development of the intern. Generally an intern will be focused in one area. In some cases, areas can be combined according to intern goals and objectives and company needs. One supervisor will oversee, supervise and evaluate the intern.

Areas of Opportunity Include:

  • Morning Show Producing/Research - This position involves research for morning show topics/contests/promotions, scheduling morning show guests, attending morning show planning meetings, may involve some on-air work with the morning show team, traveling to morning show remote locations. The intern will learn about audience targeting, and how to plan promotions that meet the needs and tastes of the target listener. Depending on skill level, interns may also assist with production duties. Web surfing/research, and word processing skills are helpful. This position provides an opportunity to put your creative skills to work.
  • Production - Interns in the production department will work closely with the Production Director to develop spots and brainstorm for future promotions. Creativity is a plus, as you will work to convey promotions and events through the medium of radio. Interns will learn how to load programs, capture audio from listeners, pastors, and the general public, and also work with Adobe Audition.
  • Promotions - Interns with the promotions department will get real-world experience in planning and implementing promotions for a target audience. Interns will learn how to design, organize, and carry out contests, events, concerts and other promotions successfully. The intern will learn every aspect of promotions including brainstorming, coordinating volunteers, creating promotions materials (fliers/posters/letters), staffing events, and much, much more. Promotions interns will assist in station events. This is a great position for interns interested in marketing and public relations.
  • Office Management - Interns in office management will get hands-on experience in every aspect of running a busy office. Interns will assist with answering phone calls, faxes, emails, and with station guests, as well as work with data entry, mailings, special events and more. Word processing and internet skills are a plus.
  • Sales/Business Sponsorship (Underwriting) - Interns in this area will assist the Underwriting Director in communicating with business sponsors, billing, script writing, mailings and recruiting additional sponsorship. Limited travel with the Underwriting Director to visit businesses is included. Word processing and QuickBooks skills are helpful. This position is especially suited for individuals interested in gaining advertising sales experience.


Responsibilities Include:

    • All interns will be required to understand all departments and the operations of WBGL.
    • Departmental Interviews (optional) - interview department directors to get an understanding of the function of the station
    • Customer Service - Answering phones and interacting with the public as needed.
    • Special Project (promotions only) - Design and implement at least one project/special event to benefit the station and intern's professional development.
    • Station Events - Participate in at least 3 community outreach programs/special events.
    • Shadow/observe all areas (optional) - front office, production, morning show, voice tracking, etc.
    • Evaluation - Evaluation of work performance shall be made in an objective manner by the intern coordinator/on site supervisor. It will be based upon successful completion of responsibilities and projects. A weekly schedule will be assigned to meet individuals' school requirements.

WBGL is a great Christian work environment, where you can learn from some of the best staff in their field. Interns are invited to participate fully in station life, including weekly staff meetings, and station events. Interns must commit to a minimum of 15 hours per week. Internships are unpaid, but offer invaluable on-the-job training.

If you would like to apply for a spring, summer, or fall internship, send a cover letter and resume to:

Attn: Jerilynn Jones
4101 Fieldstone Road
Champaign, IL 61822

or email Jerilynn at jerilynn(at)wbgl.orgfor more details.