Give by Shopping

Give without giving! Here are some ways to financially support WBGL by doing the everyday things you're already doing.


1. You Shop online at thousands of stores, and save your favorites for quick access.
2. You Save money with the best coupons and deals shown to you as you shop.
3. They ( donates a percentage of each purchase to WBGL at no extra cost to you!
Visit the site and download the app.

eBay/PayPal Giving Fund

Now you can support the ministry of WBGL through selling your items on eBay.

A percentage of the proceeds of your choosing, from the sale of your items on eBay, can be designated to WBGL through PayPal Giving Fund. The service that PayPal Giving Fund provides is a safe and easy way to support your favorite 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, like WBGL!

  1. When listing an item on eBay, choose “donate a percentage of sale”.
  2. Pick WBGL, a certified nonprofit organization, from the database using the PayPal Giving Fund popup window.
  3. The item will appear on eBay with the Giving Works icon.
  4. WBGL and the donation percentage designated will also appear with the item description.
  5. When the listing ends, the buyer pays the seller, and the seller ships the item to the buyer-as usual.
  6. The seller then pays their donation to PayPal Giving Fund.
  7. PayPal Giving Fund distributes the funds to WBGL and provides the seller a receipt for the gift.

Using PayPal Giving Fund is a unique and easy way to show your support of WBGL. Click here for more information on PayPal Giving Fund.