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Hosted by Joe and Tara Buchanan


Behind Our Smiles – Episode 40 – Do You Appreciate Me?

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Do you feel appreciated? The word appreciation comes from the Latin words “toward” and “price“ and first meant, to estimate the quality of. In more recent times, it means to have a rise in value, or is an expression of favorable estimation. Appreciation is showing our spouse that we think highly of them!

Growing appreciation in our hearts starts when we focus on what God has given us and less on what is owed to us. Then we can learn to show appreciation to our spouse in a way that spurs them on to love and good works! (Hebrews 10:24)



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Hosted by Joe and Tara Buchanan with Northwestern Media

Behind Our Smiles, takes you behind the smiles of Joe and Tara Buchanan as they share how they find joy amidst the challenges they have faced in their marriage.  Joe is Station Manager for WCIC and he and Tara have been married for 24 years and have four children. If you enjoyed hearing Joe’s story on the first episode of The Unfolding, you’ll love hearing the story that God continued to write in their marriage and family.

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