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Rich’s Auto Service

Business Support Partner

Russ, the owner of Rich's Auto Service in Sugar Grove, would like to tell you the Rich's Auto Service story. The story begins in 1964 when Russ' dad, Rich, opened Rich's Texaco Service at Route 47 and Cross St. in Sugar Grove.

He grew up at the Texaco pumping gas for his dad and learning how to work on cars. In 1982, Russ was just graduating from college and Rich was closing his Texaco Service. The timing was perfect for them to build Rich's Auto Service right across the highway from the old Texaco.

Russ, Rich, and his mom Carol opened Rich's Auto Service in December of 1982. He and his parents operated Rich's Auto Service together until 2004 when Rich and Carol both passed away.

Building on the strong foundation laid, Russ continues to own and operate Rich's Auto Service to this day, carrying on his dad's good name. Today, he and his staff always do their best to treat their customers the way they would want to be treated. A simple and biblical concept that would make Rich proud.


110 S. State Route 47
Sugar Grove, IL 60544