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Upcycle Products

Business Support Partner

We have been in business for nearly 20 years and have been the largest manufacturer of upcycled rain barrels in North America for the past 9 years.

These high density polyethylene barrels were originally used to ship food overseas to markets in the USA.

Since no new plastic is used in the manufacture of the these barrels they are eco-friendly in two ways, they are not using up raw material and they are keeping waste from the landfills thereby generating a carbon footprint credit.

Rain water is the best thing for your garden and flowers.

UpCycle Rain Barrels are simple to install. In most cases the homeowner does not need to purchase anything except the rain barrel itself.  But we do manufacture accessories to help simplify the installation for homeowners that have special requirements. We even manufacture accessories to assist the homeowner if they want to better incorporate the rain barrel into their landscape.

Our accessories are also made of pre-used materials, to continue with the "UpCycle" philosophy.

Our Tumbling Composter, and Stationary Composter are also made to simplify the customers’ gardening experience!

Our manufacturing facility is centrally located in the Midwest— Near the main cross country truck routes Interstate 80 and Interstate 55.

A representative could be available for education workshops and community public relation events at your locations. Availability based on advance notice of location, date and time.


570 Gore Road
Morris, il 60450