Giving Thanks. Giving Food.


We know two things:

1. Gratitude (giving thanks) is good for your mind, soul, and emotions. It's good to think about the things for which you are thankful at Thanksgiving; it's better to write them down.

2. One in every 5 children in our communities is need. This means hunger touches all of us, whether those struggling are our neighbors, school friends, or co-workers. 

And here's how these factors relate:

Submit your gratitude list below, and provide a meal for a needy child.


How does this work? We have amazing partners working together:

Feeding Our Kids works in area schools to provide nourishing food to food insecure school children on weekends and school holidays throughout the school year. 

And for every gratitude list we receive from WBGL listeners, our friends at Kauffman Amish Furniture Outlet are donating funds to provide one week of meals for an area child through Feeding Our Kids.

In addition, WBGL will draw one winner who submits their list to receive a new dining table (click to view!) to celebrate Thanksgiving at thanks to our friends at Kauffman's as well!

(We may mention entries on the air or online at WBGL.)