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couple listening to headphones back to back but not listening to each other

Behind Our Smiles – Episode 32 – Are You Listening to Me?

  One of the most frustrating things to experience is when you feel like someone is not listening to you. Or worse, they say they are listening, but their attention…

Kati Pessin singing at church in front of microphone with her hands raised

From the Archive – Kati Pessin

  If you or someone you love has struggled with anxiety or depression, you know how crippling that can be. For Kati Pessin, depression was something she first grappled with…

Zach Williams singing at a concert

Zach Williams Concert Sale Price!

  The one and only Zach Williams is coming in concert, with special guest new artist Ben Fuller on Thursday, September 29th at 7:00 p.m. at The Devon Lakeshore Amphitheater…


Resiliency and Brain Training

Eric and Danielle had an excellent interview with Tim Sanford, MA, LPC the Clinical Director for Counseling Services at Focus on the Family. Tim spoke about retraining your brain to…


Children And Mental Health

We are often concerned about matters of physical health and well being when it comes to our children or grand-children, but what about their mental health? Dr. Joannie Debrito is…

Couple walking and talking

Behind Our Smiles – Episode 31 – Where Do You Want to Eat?

  You know that question, that one question that you’re almost afraid to ask because there’s often no easy answer: Where do you want to eat? Like many couples, Joe…

woman with head in her hands

Behind Our Smiles – Episode 30 – Can We Just Skip Mother’s Day? – Part 2

  Joe and I come to Mother’s Day and holidays like this with completely different perspectives — and those differences became front and center when I became a mother. Joe…

Brandon Richardson

Page 126 – Brandon Richardson and Ryan Stevenson

  Brandon Richardson, known professionally as RICHLIN, was in junior high the first time he met Ryan Stevenson. Over the years, their interaction at a summer camp forged friendship, respect,…

Little girl dancing happily

Spring Fundraiser Thank You!

  From my heart to your heart, everyone here at WBGL counts it a huge privilege to be a listener-supported station. You see, the same way we expect God to…