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Kids Doing The Extraordinary

Has your child ever done something that made you think, “wow, that's extraordinary?"
Maybe it was something big or something selfless. Perhaps your child held a bake sale and donated the money to a food bank, or maybe they wrote letters to the elderly in a nursing home during the quarantine.
Whatever extraordinary thing your child did, we want to hear about it and celebrate with you! Click on the "Celebrate a Kid" button below to share.

Macrae smiling at the camera holding his post-it notes


Macrae is seven-years-old and he loves people, loves God, and loves telling people about God. Macrae’s mom shares that she was preparing crafts for a craft fair and he wanted to make some post-it note covers to sell too. At first, he said he wanted to buy a new video game controller and then he…

Charley smiling at the camera


Charley’s mom shares that Charley had her class birthday party last February. She chose to ask everyone to bring canned goods or a non perishable food item instead of gifts. She donated all of the food to a local food pantry at a church in her community. Charley’s mom said that she learned a lot…

Dayley holding lemonade sign with her mom smiling beside here


Dayley is a 6-year-old girl with a heart to serve others. She and her family sponsor a child from Compassion International and heard about the additional needs caused by COVID-19. Dayley took it upon herself to do something to help meet that need. By creating a lemonade stand, Dayley was able to raise over $400…

FFA students loading up corn in a truck

Meridian-Macon FFA

Student members of the Meridian-Macon Future Farmers of America donated three shopping carts of sweet corn from their plot to the food pantry in Blue Mound, Illinois.

Christina standing in front of an emergency department holding a box of Girl Scout Cookies


Christina’s mom shares that when the pandemic began back in March, cookie sales were just really getting started in her Girl Scout Troop. Christina was bummed when the cookie booths were canceled, but even more so when everything else began shutting down. Christina and her mom got to talking about how hard the pandemic is…

Madeline holding a long piece of hair that she donated


Madeline has a huge heart to help other children. She donated eight inches of her hair to “Children with Hair Loss.” Madeline’s mom shares that it took her all eight years of her life to grow her hair long enough to be able to donate it. Madeline was inspired to do this when she saw…

Two little boys sitting on a couch together


Julian’s mom shares that on one very hot day this summer, she was running errands with her kids in the car. They stopped to get gas and in the gas station parking lot stood a man with a cardboard sign that said “need food”. She said that it was a very hot day, she was…

Braedon, Anna, Brielle, Blake, Kara, and Della

Braedon, Anna, Brielle, Blake, Kara, and Della are known for being very kind and Christlike to others, whether it is to people in the neighborhood, the elderly in nursing homes, or other kids their age (including the least popular). They have been such an encouragement to so many, displaying the love of God!

Ady smiling at camera wearing a tie-dye t-shirt


Ady’s family shares that she has a heart of compassion and loves helping people whenever she can. While in school last year, she noticed some kids picking on a boy in her class because he was wearing clothes that were not in the best shape and they were also making fun of his shoes. She…

young girl standing with hand on her hip, smiling


Lilly loves to give to others. Lilly’s mom shares that they were looking at Facebook and there was someone asking if anyone had a Barbie Dream House that they would be willing to sell. Lilly had received a Barbie Dream House two years ago at Christmastime and she asked her mom if she would be…