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-PSALM 66:19
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Before Christmas, I posted anonymous on here. I was alone for Christmas and sad because my family and friends didn't know the truth of where I have been. Lonely, sad, and heartbroken, I reached out to my daughter, sister's and mother. I explained that I had been lying to them for the past 4 months of where I had been living. As hard as it was to speak the truth, I'm thankful that I did. I've also reached out to a few friends to let them know the truth. Even though nobody quite understands why I would do this, they have chosen not to be angry. Although I am not in any danger, I could feel God's hands holding my heart close and the words saying, "Speak the truth even if your voice shakes". I did and will begin the new year with guilt that had been lifted. Sometimes when you're all alone, it's easier to remain in the dark place. But, I've learned that I was never alone. I had so many of you praying for me. Thank you all so very very very much.

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