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-PSALM 66:19
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Broken Marriage


Needing prayer for my broken Marriage. Been separated since Oct. after Husband kicked me out & filed for divorce. Divorce is in process & has gotten ugly for no reason, my Husband has become a totally different person. Whole thing was a shock to me, has left me with nothing, & he doesn't care. He believes marriage should never be hard, never have difficult times, you shouldn't have to compromise. He refuses counseling. He is taking advice from ppl who are feeding him with lies & deceit. Prayers to fix or remove the ppl around him that are NOT of God & are NOT from God. I believe God can do Miracles! I pray for God's healing, restoration, & forgiveness, & for God's Will be done. I pray for my Husband's heart to be softened & given a heart of empathy. I pray for my Husband's salvation. And for my Marriage to be healed from inside out. I pray for my Husband to stay Faithful, pure, & Holy before our Marriage & before God. God we become ONE when we became Married, I am standing in for my Husband & I, WE need You! We rebuke satan & all his demons/evil spirits away from us & our Marriage in the name of Jesus! Thank-you for the prayers in advance. God Bless!

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