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-PSALM 66:19
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Continued Prayer


I want to "Thank" everyone for all the prayers that have been prayed over my family. I have posted quite a few posts since October asking for prayer especially for my son's father. Today I would like to ask for continued prayer for this entire family. As 2017 has finally ended, 2018 will be the year for God to do some wonderful things. I am asking for the salvation of my son's father, his three older children, his sister in law, brothers and their children. It is so interesting to see how the women in this family are going to some mega strongholds especially with these men. I and his sister in law are dealing with similar circumstances just different issues with the men. My stepdaughter is dealing with similar circumstances that I and the SIL are dealing with. I am praying for the cycles to be broken. I am proclaiming that somehow through me, that I am able to be the one with continued prayer, believing, trusting and allowing God to do his work for reconciliation with this family, for these women, for our children. I may sound crazy.. but I believe it with all my heart. God has a great plan and purpose. I am asking for continued prayer for myself. Asking the Lord to continue to give me the strength to "be still", "let go of the things I cannot control", "work on thyself", and so much more. The best thing I can do is pray. I do not know what to expect, however I am trusting that God has got us ALL in the palm of his hands. Thank you for your continued prayers.

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