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-PSALM 66:19
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Praying that the Lord will bless my daughter with the sight she needs regarding her 'grown-up' decisions she is in the midst of making. She is at college. She met a boy who I do not feel is good for her. I pray that either I am wrong or that she can see through him soon. She is going to be leaving school soon (after only one year) to transfer to one closer to him as he is a senior and graduating. If this is God's plan for her life, I am glad for her maturity and decision making. If this is not God's plan for her life, I pray he redirects her soon. I am thankful for her strong will but fear it may come back to bite her. She has cut most all ties with her family - including her little brother who misses her dearly. I know our God is a good one and that the plans he has for her are good so I continue to look to Him in this stage of life. I pray for my anxieties to leave me as I worry about my daughter. Being away, I feel like I can no longer protest her.

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