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-PSALM 66:19
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Daughter with Severe Tourette’s Syndrome


This is my first time submitting a prayer request. I’ve listen to your station for many years. I’ve been praying for my daughter along with many of my church friends. I feel I’ve been trying to do it alone. It is time to lift it up to the Lord. My daughter is suffering from Tourette’s syndrome. She was diagnosed four years ago when she was nine years old. We noticed she had facial tics and vocal tics occasionally when she was a young child. It progressed as she got older. We pulled her out of public school because she couldn’t sit in school without being distracting. This is actually been a blessing. Her best friend, who live two doors down was diagnosed with Tourette’s one month before her. They went the prescription drug route. We refused to put our daughter on such powerful anti-psychotic medication. It did not help her friend. We have tried many all natural remedies and haven’t seen any relief. She constantly yells and screams. She had to see a chiropractor three times a week because she’s constantly jerking her neck and arms and pulling them out of adjustment. I ask that your prayer warriors lift this request up to the Lord. Her name is Lainy. I know it is going to take a miracle and intervention from God to heal her. Thank you for this.

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