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-PSALM 66:19
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My best friend and her husband just had a baby girl on January 14th. She was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect in the womb, so during her delivery there was a lot of unknown. However she did wonderful. She was able to go home just after a few days and was able to spend a month at home with her family. Unfortunately on February 20th she had to undergo her first heart surgery which was sooner then they hoped for. The surgery was to go in a place a shunt in hopes to open up her pulmonary arteries. Since then they have found a blood clot in the shunt and she has also come down with a cold. Her body is very fragile and weak. There has been lots of complications and she needs prayers more then ever. Please join many others in praying for healing for Monroe as she is fighting for her life and also for her parents and big sister. They will be doing another surgery this next week to go in to hopefully repair the shunt and get the blood clot out. I know we serve a mighty God and he is in control. We pray for a miracle for this precious baby girl. I know they would greatly appreciate all the prayers.

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