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-PSALM 66:19
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Lets please also continue to pray for the following...


Lets please also continue to pray for the following: 1. Persecuted Christians around the world (staggering rise of persecution in recent years), 2. Israel (peace and salvation of the people of Israel), 3. Salvation of many around the world. May the Father draw many to Jesus. 4. God's protection of children around the world in general but also against the occult invasion. Pray that God will smite the works of darkness in our lives and pray for wisdom and discernment. 5. Pray for an awakening in the church universal on the lateness of the hour (second coming). 6. Pray for protection, salvation and healing as well as unity in families, reconciliation (incl. mine). 7. Pray for strength, encouragement and endurance for all Christians around the world and that we who call ourselves followers of Jesus are filled with the Holy Spirit, shun sin and walk in His ways (e.g. LOVE) and are found worthy to escape the wrath to come and stand before the Son of Man (Luke 21:36).

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