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-PSALM 66:19
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PRAISE! A few days ago on January 31 I requested prayer for my mom receiving biopsy results and a little girl in my classroom having brain surgery for an AVM and an anyerism. While my mom will continue to be battling melanoma we received good news on her cancer there. We will check it in 6 months. The little girl in my room has had a wonderful recovery so far. While she was at risk of stroke and speech problems there has been none. The Dr was able to remove all the AVM and anyerism and she is speaking normally. On her way to being discharged from hospital. While our community was praying I felt soooooi much peace receiving emails that others were praying for our situation. Thank you all for praying but most of all I thank God. No matter the results He would be there to walk with me but He has grown my faith and stretched my willingness to share my faith and power of prayer with co workers through these situations. To God be the glory!

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