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-PSALM 66:19
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My Grandson


I asking for prayer for my grandson and daughter she has been accused of neglect. my grandson has type 1 1diabetices has had it since he was three my daughter is always taking care of him. the school accused her of not checking his sugars over night that 15 hrs which is not happening if that took place he would either been dead or in coma they turned her in to children and family services. the hospital that they take him to is taking care of him. Said that if she was doing this they would have to turn her in already this little boy is upset and scared. She did have to replace meter because it was not working proper they did not contact my daughter she called the dr who is caring for him said to check the battery my daughter changed it she thought that it was fixed but it hadn't she didn't know anything till they called her in for a meeting which I attend she had a brand new one in case thing didn't work out to use but was not contacted till it was to late now the new meter is being used but she is facing children and family services there is alot more but u know the best of it please pray.

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