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-PSALM 66:19
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My nephew


I am asking for prayer for my nephew, Adam. Adam knows the Lord and is a believer; however, satan and alcohol have a strong hold on him Adam has been to jail and while in jail led bible studies and shared his belief with others. Once leaving jail, he moved into a sober living facility with much success. But satan, the deceiver, told Adam he could live outside the facility and succeed. Since living the facility, Adam has returned to drinking, quit school and his job. I have contacted the sober living facility and they are willing to take Adam back. Adam does not want to go back. So PLEASE pray that Adam breaks free of this bondage and returns to the sober living facility and returns to attending meetings and being the person God intends him to be. Adam has an amazing testimony and can be a strong witness, which is exactly why satan is attacking him. Thank you for your prayers.

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