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-PSALM 66:19
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My son Anthony -his anxiety and explosiveness tonight


My son Anthony has always had issues with frustration and anxiety and he’s kept it a little better under control last couple days and he’s been working last couple days. He’s 27 and he is living with us again. His girlfriend Tasha is with us too. There is a lot of stress in our house lately and we’ve been trying to sell our house to downsize and get our finances better under control. But tonight he was yelling and breaking things again. Just praying he and his girlfriend can have patience with each other and work things out. He needs to get financially responsible for himself. Praying that he can get his calm back and that he can get himself into a place of his own. Praying for his girlfriend and their relationship. Praying we can all get ourselves into a better place. Praying we will have peace in our house tonight and for at least the next few days. I have to work my 2nd job (part time) tomorrow and need sleep tonight. Working Sunday too and then back to my full time job Monday. We have had a lot of stress lately and we all need peace and calm and sleep. Please pray with me. Thanks for your prayers.

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