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-PSALM 66:19
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Praise for Our Good Lord's Faithfulness/Agreement for 2018 in J.C.


WBGL, First I am liking to give-it-up to God/to Whom ALL glory belongs; for His having heard & having answered prayers in times-past, and in days since having begun listening to WBGL. That happened to have been in July of 2015 (when I first set my radio to WBGL,) and I began to pray and network via your web-page with the/is ministry. I pray that Our Good Lord/God & Loving Heavenly Father shall remain fully-funding; blessing, protecting, providing, and increasing in His Outreach this year. I was required to move-out & away/out of range of WBGL's listening area (Aurora IL/USA,) in November. But the possibility remains of listening via on-line using the iHeart app., and I'd just like to say that my prayers for the DJ's that went to California (to pastor there,) as well as all of those/still there have my continued prayers. Y'all really blessed me thru a couple tough times. I ask God would only let and allow His VERY BEST to become of y'all; His Work; Word(s,) & Ministering unto the listening audience. To Christ be ALL GLORY. Thank you in utmost sincerity for agreement.

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