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-PSALM 66:19
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Prayer for Bryce Lymphoblastic Leukemia


Our daughter Kinley is doing great and is still in remission. However we are relying on our family members once again to help us care for her like they did Bryce the last ten months. Monday we noticed small pea sized knots behind Bryces ear along with bruises and he is looking a little pale so we took him in to his pediatrician to figure out what was going on. We cannot say enough nice things about the friendly,caring, amazing staff at seymour pediatrics. They held our hand the whole way through and They worked very hard to find us the answers for Bryces sudden symptoms. Sadly, we found out he has leukemia. We were then sent to Riley this morning and reunited with the wonderful staff that are in just as much shock as us. They did much more testing and after a very long day we have some of the unfortunate answers we were looking for. He was diagnosed with B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia Our children’s cancer types are completely unrelated and treated completely differently! Although we do not have all the answers we seek we are working on finding them! It’s been tough and exhausting on our whole family! Our strength and faith are at an all time high! I don’t know why we are facing this again with our other child, but we won the battle once with God on our side and we will win again because we are #Tormoehlenstrong and have #jesusisouranchor This family has been through so much.

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