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-PSALM 66:19
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prayer for my family and I


In 2015, I became sick overnight and have never recovered. Several mis-diagnoses and to date still no closer to a definitive diagnosis of what caused all of this. It has been suggested ALS, chronic pancreatitis, POTS, polycystic kidney disease, COPD, and the list goes on...Continue to be told what I have is probably rare and regardless of what it is there are no cures for what are the possibilities. I live in the ER at least once a month since it all began. Doctors wont take my case saying its too complicated and the ER is tired of me. Ive essentially been left just out there suffering and trying to cope as best as possible while still searching for doctors that might be able or who are willing to try to help me. Im in constant excruciating pain with relentless nausea, muscle spasms throughout my entire body, and the list goes on... this has been a nightmare with no end in sight. During all this my dad was diagnosed with cancer, my oldest daughter lost her father due to cancer and my youngest daughter is addicted to drugs. Some days I can cope and others I dont even know what that word means. I pray for true salvation to take place in both my daughters hearts. They need Jesus more than they realize. My dad raised me up in the church and though I strayed I came back around (the only thing this illness blessed me with was my renewed faith in Christ Jesus as he is my HOPE). I believe in the power of prayer and thank you to those who pray for my family and I. God bless u

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