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-PSALM 66:19
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prayer for stepdaughter


we would really appreciate prayers for my husband's daughter C. She came to live with us over a year ago and we got majority parenting rights in June 2017. She came from a bad situation. that we have no proof of other than what she has told us. They did not teach her about God. She is 14 and now says she wants to go back to her moms. She admits she is a better person from living with us but says this isn't the best place for her. Her mom manipulates her and she feels everything that was wrong there was her fault. We have an appointment for a counselor. I think this is the enemy wanting her back with her mom where God isn't a part of her life. I believe God put her here because we prayed for his will to be done and we ended up getting her. Please pray for God to speak to her heart and open her eyes to the truth. Please pray the counselor can help her and for the enemy to be bound. Also that her mom will not manipulate her anymore. Also for us to have wisdom on how to deal with this and what to say to her to help her see the truth. thank you and God bless

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