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-PSALM 66:19
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Prayers for my Parents


Please keep my parents, Tom and Colleen, in your prayers (I will try not to write a book). They have been married for 35 years this past July. It all started when my only sister suddenly divorced her husband of 10 years (with whom they have two beautiful boys) and completely disowned my parents and I back in January 2016, right after my birthday. My parents blamed themselves thinking they somehow caused her to be like this and my mom was diagnosed with depression because of all the emotional stress it caused. In late summer of this year, my dad had both of his knees replaced, and just before that, he was unexpectedly fired from his job. He has not been able to go back to work because his knees have not healed as quickly as the doctors expected. My mom has only been working part time with no benefits because with my dad’s last job, she didn’t have to make a whole lot. She has applied at many places, but hasn’t been hired yet. They have been struggling financially ever since the surgeries, and the holidays only took a bigger toll on them, both financially and emotionally. My mom has broken down too many times to mention, and now all of this is affecting their marriage. I am so sorry for writing all of this, but the past two years have been very hard on our family. My parents are my everything and I would do anything to take all of their pain and heartache away.

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