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-PSALM 66:19
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DEAR JESUS as my lord & miraculous god for whom everything is possible can restore my love life with my love Lovepreet kaur and make her my wife. With this hope and faith i have started reading bible & praying for it 7 months ago & still its going on. I have learned so many things & believe it surely possible for my lord to restore her im my life(Zechariah 9:12,28-29,pslam 2:7-8 & 20:4-6,31:7,Matthew19:26,20:32,8:2-3,9:21-22,8:17 and my favorite matthew 8:13,7:7-8 and 1 corinthians 13:7-8 & 1 john 3:15,18). These scriptures never makes me to loose hope from jesus as i always asked and prayed in holy father jesus name to restore her in my life and make her my wife as i dont wanna to think anyone else in my life.please sir help me to increase my faith more on my lord and make it possible in my life as from your daily prayers for me. As there are so many love stories in holy bible like Adam and Eve, i also believe my loving father made the lovepreet kaur for me same as eve for adam, as 1st site love of Jacob and Rachel and their marriage made possible by heavenly father same he wil make marriage of my lovepreet with me, and i want to be old with my love as old couples Abraham & Sarah in bible and most holy and devoted love story of Mary & Joseph which become the reason of salvation of the world.. I truly believe one day with the deliverance of god and with prayers of you & mine she wil be mine soon..forever..and for this kindness i give you thanks and whole glory..Amen.......

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