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-PSALM 66:19
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Saving David


I have been praying for my husband's uncle, David. He has claimed not to be a Christian and has told me to leave him out of my faith bc he finds it a nuisance. I will continue to pray for him to come to know Jesus, but would love to rally for him with other believers! He is very sick, battling cancer and has an infection. I am praying that he not only be healed physically, but that he comes to know Jesus as his savior. The entire family needs deliverance. Thank you for joining me in prayer for David and his entire family. I pray that if I am meant to have a conversation with David, that the Lord prepares the way and the words. I am not quick on my feet in debate and don't know that in my humanness I would be able to defend the biblical truths as David is extremely opinionated. I pray that that the Holy Spirit guides me and that Jesus knocks on the door to David's heart! Thank you for joining in prayer with me.

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