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-PSALM 66:19
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School money


Hi everyone prayer is so essential. This is a trying day. But that does not mean GOD is not good. HE is the best thing. The first thing that I want prayer for is my new job. I am a certified CNA and invested into this because there are very few opportunities to make money without higher education. I was so blessed to pass the Certification Exam, and to get hired a couple of weeks later was amazing. I started the job 2 days ago, this is my third day and I am completely clueless of the facility. I dont care about people talking about me. I care about being trained properly and my dignity being respected. If I am not told what to do or how: Im not responsible for misakes. But that doesn't mean the other employees care or understand. They are about self. The first day they places me on hall with one person. So i pretty much spent the first day sitting down on a soda at the end of the hallway. At the end of my shift, I was told by the nurse that she didnt see me do anything, and she thought Id left. There are so many politics both sides. I felt like when you are a company, and you hire someone , you train them, and that it was the nurses job to make sure that her trainer are going to be able work. If I don't have this job I won't able to go to school.

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