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-PSALM 66:19
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The Truth needs to come out


I have a close friend who was like family. He is using this woman going through a divorce for money. Talking her into buying him all kinds of expensive items. He is cheating on her and using her. It is not right and it is not like my friend. I am worried about him because he has changed and not in a good way. He has turned from people he loved and was close to. She needs to find out that he is using her for money and cheating on her. She thinks she loves him and thinks he loves her. She is lazy and not very nice. The only thing she does is buy him stuff and sit on her phone. She won't go outdoors with him like he loves. I pray she finds out the truth of him using her and cheating on her. She deserves the truth about it and soon. Please pray she will find out before she is broke. She still has a sick mother to care for too.

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