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God Watching Over Me

By: Kim

For 27 years, I lost contact with my biological father. Last Christmas, my Brother brought a Christmas card to me and asked me to sign it. I thought the card was for my dying step father, so I said yes and immediately signed it. I quickly realized the Christmas card was not meant to be for my step father but for my biological father. Well the card was sent without thinking anything about it, and a week later, we received a card back from our father. So one thing lead to another, around Easter, we were reunited with my father. Between that time my husband's uncle had passed away suddenly, followed by step father. Then we found out my grandma had brain cancer, and she passed away in July, followed by my cousin who passed away in August of this year. Then in September, my uncle passed away, and in October, we had another family member pass away. This year there has been 6 deaths in our family. Through it all, God has been there watching over my family as has your radio station!!!! Any time I get down, I know I can turn on the radio and a song will lift me up or something that was said will encourage me. Thank you very much!!!

Listening intently

By: Mason

My family & I listen to WBGL all the time everywhere we go. It's always on the kitchen radio 24/7. It's the only station listen to in the truck - only dial on the station settings. I listen to it constantly at work with my WBGL iPhone app. I'm always pumping the Gospel to my brain with WBGL, and we love all the songs played. We know the words to all of them. We dance & praise God as the up beat songs jam about Jesus, and we slow down & praise & take in Gods amazing love through the slow praising songs. Thank you WBGL & your God loving staff of awesome Godly love for following God's plan. GOD BLESS!!

A Light at the End of Our Very Dark Tunnel

By: Christy

I used to hear my friend, Pumpkin, talk about a radio station called WBGL all of the time. I never really had an urge to listen to it though. My husband and I listened to all different kinds of music and radio stations, just not Christian Rock. On June 5th of this year, the last day of school for Gibson City, our kids and I unexpectedly lost a father and husband of 15 years. Never have we ever been through anything so sad in our lives. We were full of confusion, questions, but above all, sadness. Then, on top of losing the man in our lives, I had to let go of my oldest son one week after my husband's service for the entire summer, as he went to basic training at Fort Benning, GA. Then, I lost my job. It really just seemed as though our whole world was caving in. How much is one person supposed to endure not only in a lifetime, but in just a couple of months time? I never wanted to listen to the radio much anymore, because every song that came on would remind me of my husband. After talking to Pumpkin one day, I turned the radio to WBGL. I haven't turned it off since. You all have given me strength to get through this time in our lives and have helped me to help our kids get through it before school starts back up. WBGL helped us more than you can possibly know!! I have found you guys and we're NEVER letting go!! THANK YOU!!!!

THANKS for lifting me up

By: Lu Ann

I am a grandmother raising my grandson. I've had custody of him since he was 24 months old. It's a long and sad story how he came to live with me, but I thank God every single day of my life for sparing my grandson's life and giving him to me. While the financial struggle alone is sometimes hard to endure, the ever changing life of a growing young boy is a challenge in itself. I work outside the home and finding care for him in the past was always a struggle, but we made it. With the help of friends, family and church we have made a pretty good life together, but we have a long way to go yet. Listening to WBGL every day on my way to work, on my way home from work and when I'm at home doing chores or just sitting and reading has been such a blessing. Every song seems to speak to me when I am in need. I especially love "Oceans" by Hillsong United, where it says, "I am yours and You are mine". Every time I hear it, I have to stop what I am doing and raise my hands to Jesus. When I'm driving my car I raise one hand and ask Him into my car while I am driving. I want to show my appreciation for your continued uplifting songs and ministry. THANKS and GOD BLESS.

Praise through artwork

By: Nicole

A year ago, I started reading my Bible and a devotion each morning and then painting a verse, quote, or my reaction to it with watercolor in my journal. After awhile, I felt God calling me to share the artwork with others on Facebook and on my blog. I even did a series this spring of song lyrics I heard on WBGL. I have been able to share my artwork and minister to people from New York City to Australia. God is blessing me so greatly through this ministry! Praise HIM!

We are what we listen to

By: Rebecca

For me personally, I am feeling my mood, my spirits, and my thoughts become more positive and open to the Holy Spirit. More importantly and with deeper conviction was the day my boys (4 and 2 at the time), started singing the "WBGL" jingle. It occurred to me they were really listening to the words of the songs on the radio/CD. From that day on my husband and I decided we would only play Christian music in the car with the kids. Now 2 years later, I have been blessed over and over when my boys (now 6, 4, and 2) all sing along with Matt Redman's "10,000 Reasons" or Matt Maher's "I Need You" and the song that says "This world is not my home." My boys are hearing God's truth, and it is imprinting on their minds and hearts! What a blessing. To make this truth even sweeter, I was not raised in a Christian home. When I became a Christian at the age of 16, God did many things for me. When I was a freshman in college, He promised me that someday the verse in Joshua "As for me and my House we will serve the Lord." would be true for me. Ten years later, I stand in my kitchen with my older boys singing "10,000 Reasons", and God reminded me that He was faithful to His promise, "As for me and my house we will serve the LORD!" Praise His Holy name. 

WBGL from across the world

By: Rebecca

WBGL - Thank you! You are a Great Encouragement. I listen to you guys every day and especially love the morning show, though in my part of the world we have to listen to them in the evening. :) My brother first started listening to it, then I started the habit too. I feel I'm worshipping God no matter what I'm doing. Being a teenager, my friends listen to various kinds of music, but WBGL is the only music I listen to. The fact that it's on the internet and is on 24/7 is amazing. If I had to choose between going in my room and sitting at my desk and studying neatly, and sprawling on the floor in the hall, I'd choose the hall because I can listen to you guys on the computer. I LOVE the 'Weekend Top Twenty Countdown', and I am always eager to hear the number one song. WBGL makes my day, every day. Thank you!

Power of Music

By: Sammi

I just want to say "thank you" to the WBGL family and all of the listeners touched by this ministry of music! My daughter and I listen every day during our 30 minute drive taking her to school, after school, and on the computer! I am so thankful to be able to listen to all the messages within the music and from all the other listeners like me. I love the beautiful words and encouragement during these tough times in the world today, and it brings an encouraging message that He loves us! Through all the diversity culturally and creatively by all the artists and all of you, it brings feelings of joy and love to everyone listening to this ministry. We enjoy singing and harmonizing together when we hear songs that touch us!

my new life with God

By: Tim

I wanna thank the WBGL staff for playing the most wonderful and amazing music. I started listening to WBGL two years ago and it helped me through the troubling times in my life. plus with the help from my church youth group and from my youth pastor, my life has changed for the better with my life changing decision to get re-baptized and to go to college for worship/youth ministry . I honestly don't know where I would be right now if it wasn't for God's love and from my youth group and my youth minister! THANK YOU


By: Shebah

I am from India and not a single day goes by without listening to the WBGL radio.The songs have been such a great blessing in my transition time. We moved to another smaller town from a big city because of my husband's new job. My life of 6 yrs. in a city along with my kids of 8 and 14 just came crashing down when we decided to move. Well cut long story short, the songs your radio played were immensely a blessing to me and my family, and restored me with so much joy and peace. Thank you WBGL. God bless you. Thank you, Dr. Shebah

Music in the tattoo shop

By: Chris

I am a Youth Leader and a Tattoo Artist (Odd, I know) and started a ministry called INK 180 last year here in Chicago. I provide FREE tattoo coverups for former gang members and victims of human trafficking. I have a captive audience while I cover the evidence of their old lives to minister to them and help guide them in their new lives. Thanks for the great soundtrack you provide me with while I help them leave their old life at the cross and become a new creation in Him. Please check out INK 180 on FB or my website, Thanks and God Bless, Chris Baker

My Single Mommy Story

By: Madeline

I heard on the radio this morning about pastor appreciation, but am not sure where I go to "bless my pastor" So I'll just write it here. My pastor is amazing!! I was raised by a non-practicing Catholic Mom, and an Atheist Dad. My siblings and I were basically forced to go to CCD classes and make our communion and confirmation, but none of us ever liked doing it. I watched my younger brothers cry about going too! Once we all made our confirmation, we were all more thankful about being DONE than understanding what confirmation and Christ was all about. We were CEO's after then. (Christmas and Easter Only) And my Dad would chomp on his gum and has his arms crossed the entire time. Finally about 3 years ago my older sister invited me to Community Christian Church in Shorewood,IL. I was shocked! The whole set up was soo different. A stage with a band, a projector screen with the lyrics, no alter or robes. Just soo different. But I continued to go and now I absolutely love it! I was singing in the ensemble there, and am going to audition next week to lead worship sing! But let me get back to my pastor. He is the most warm, welcoming, and helpful person I have ever met. His name is John Ciesiewski and I am soo envious of the great husband, father, friend, and pastor that he is. He welcomes everybody with open arms, and his message just hits home ever week. I feel like a family here, which is something I have never felt before. He stood up there one day and said "If somebody came to me in need, and I wasn't willing to find some sort of way to help them. Then I wouldn't be doing my job very well." And I am living proof of that very quote. I am a single Mom of two boys (5 and 2 1/2) and I have been living on Section 8 and food stamps for quite some time now. At one point I didn't even have a car! But I told John my struggles and he helped me get on a waiting list for a donated car(who almost gave me a car, but my Gramdpa beat them to it! God bless him!) and also gave me a speedy gift card with $250 on it! Now that I have a car I am back to work at MaidPro, cleaning residential homes, and this is the best part!! John has been paying he $447/week tuition for my boys' Daycare! It all will be reimbursed once the paperwork for the state aid goes through, but God has truly blessed his heart to be willing to help me and my family out! This is really having an impact in soo many good ways for us, and I am so happy to be able to see him every Sunday and share our memories with him. He is a wonderful person to know. And I would definitely recommend coming to one of our services! P.s. I love your station. If ever I'm feeling down, or lost, I turn on your station and it lifts me up right away, and I'm again reminded of what God wants of me. I love the stories I hear, they really touch my heart, and maybe mine will touch somebody else's heart. I truly believe in your stations idea of being "stronger together". You give all of your listeners strength just by listening! That's pretty impressive! So thank you for always being there.

Life Changing Pastors

By: Dave

I was lost never giving any thought to God. I've been to several churches over the years but only left not wanting more. When my kids forced me to go to church with them one day, I met the most amazing family of followers called the Victory church. My pastor, who I kinda knew already, began to preach like he was talking to me and me alone. For the first time in my 37 years, I heard the word of God and I found Jesus and a life that I never knew. Since that day I have read the Bible, joined Bible studies, missed only 3 days of service, and talk with God every single day. I can say without pastor Percy i would still be lost so I owe him my life with God. I think so many churches don't connect with today's youth and without today's youth there isn't tomorrow's church and this is why pastors like mine are so important.

Comfort through hard times

By: Alex

As a teenager entering my final year of high school, trying to figure out how to balance school and work is very stressful. With that said, I've also had problems within my personal life involving long distance. I have the WBGL app on my phone and as I was sitting down with phone in hand, the app turned on by itself. The song that started playing was Stronger by Mandisa. It picked me up right away, and it was like God talking to me and comforting me. And as I write this story, the music continues to pick me up for I refuse to turn it off. I just want to thank you WBGL for having this great station to have God comfort those in need.

Always answers me

By: Diane

I can't even begin to tell you what I've been through in the last 2 years. I came home from work one day and my husband of 19 years had run off with a woman he met online. He took everything e had in savings and checking, even stole the 401K plan. I had 4 kids with a house I could not afford. I lost the home, they took my car. It was a nightmare. I cried and cried many days and nights. My children have been through so much in their young lives. I found two jobs and were doing better, until I found out my mom was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. I had to move to the country so I could afford our home and now I drive 30 minutes to work each day. I began listening to your station. You have no idea how much you've helped me. Your songs have brought me up on many down days. The song Blessings was one of those songs. Today as I was riding to work you had a discussion on how problems come in threes. That Friday is the tragedy Saturday is the grief and getting through it and our Sunday will come. I thank you for that as I wait for my Sunday to come. Thank you for helping me through some of my darkest hours. Diane