Your Story

Hug from God

By: Dee

I'm going through a huge transition in my life right now, and driving home the other night, I was feeling a little melancholy. I just kept going over in my mind how God is EVERYTHING to me right now. I had not even paid attention to the radio until Kutless sang 'You are everything to me' at the same time I was thinking it. I just marvelled at God's timing and was so thankful that I was on His heart. It really felt like a much-needed hug from my Savior. :) Thank you so much for your app that allows me to listen to your station anytime, anywhere. Dee

Hope in the night

By: joy

I work with elderly veterans and they need hope during some rough and troubled times in their lives.especially at night. WBGL has been heard on their radios, and it may be the only way the gospel can reach some of them.They have some channels that play different music but it is a blessing when WBGL can be heard while walking down the halls of some of the rooms to seriously ill patients.  You can definitely fill the peace of God. Thank you so much for all that you do.  

My Source of Strength

By: Christy

I started listening to WBGL in the early 90's and quickly got my mom and younger sister to listen as well. Wherever we went we had the "God Channel" on! It was PFR's "That Kind of Love" that was my favorite song and having the chance to see them in concert was amazing! I spent 18 months doing missionary work, with the first year in northwest Argentina. I had recorded as much WBGL music as I could before I left and my family sent me new songs when they could - before internet radio I was sharing you across continents! I would even take some songs and translate them into Spanish so I could share their message. Through the years since, WBGL has continued to be a source of strength for me mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. This past week, again the music of WBGL brought me peace and strength as I had to say goodbye to my dog. She was 15 and had been with me since her birth. (I think she was quite a fan of WBGL as well!) The music of Kathy Trocolli comforted me as I mourned her passing. As I move into the next chapter of my life I rejoice with songs such as "Listen" by Michelle Tumes. Thank you WBGL and the artists you have introduced into my life over the past 15+ years. God bless!!

There Really IS a God

By: Sandy

Everything about this story could only be one thing."God's mighty works!" Late last year I received a phone call from one of my church friends, that our friend Teri had an accident and it wasn't good. I needed to get to the hospital as soon as possible. When I arrived the waiting room was packed with other friends and family. I found out that Teri had a heart attack and had the accident because of that. The accident happened on a Sunday evening, in front of the high school. There was a banquet scheduled and people arriving for it discovered the accident. A young man called 911, and waited for them to arrive. Teri's car was still in gear and resting against a sign. She had just left our minister's house and was on the way to the doctors office.  She wasn't feeling well and had tried to call one of the other nurses to come do an EKG on her. Her phone was still in her hand when they found her. The police had to pop the lock on her door to get to her out. She was unresponsive and no one knew how long she had been there. They started CPR on her and used the paddles to try to get her heart going again. When she arrived at the ER, she had all the signs of having very little, if any chance of surviving. They continued trying to bring her back. They called a hospital about 60 miles away to see if they would accept her and the heart specialist told them to get her there as soon as they could. The next problem was finding a helicopter, but it appeared to be a busy night for all of them. The third place they called had one available and it was on it's way. Her daughter, Cari, another friend Paula and I headed for the hospital she was being transferred to. Teri's son was already at the hospital waiting when the helicopter arrived. By the time we arrived, Teri had already been in surgery and had a procedure to try to open arteries and get oxygen going to the brain. The doctors told us that they lost her again during surgery and we needed to pray, things did not look good. We were later told that she had all the signs of being brain dead, and the signs  she was experiencing were not ones that could be reversed. The chaplain came and asked if we would like to do a bedside prayer. We went to her, held hands and prayed. One hour later, Cari went to check on her and while she was talking to her, Teri opened her eyes. When Cari told the nurse, she was told it was just a reflex. Cari told the nurse, she WAS responding. When the nurse went in, Teri was indeed responding to her name. In less than 12 hours, Teri was off the respirator, breathing on her own, and talking to us. She was having some signs of amnesia! We were told there was no way of knowing if that would ever return because no one knew how long her brain had gone without oxygen. That was a big concern, but God answered that prayer also. She was out of the hospital in less than a week and back to work in less that a month. Don't ever doubt the power of prayer and miracles, but most of all in God! We saw first hand the result of all three! When several doctors tell you that it was a divine intervention, and God's miracle, you know your life is in HIS hands!

I am Thankful for WBGL

By: Susan

One of my favorite comfort songs is, "I Can Only Imagine." When my husband passed away last August I had that song played at his funeral and could only think he wasn't imagining he'd made it home. Every time I hear that song I have to smile thinking about him. Your radio station gets me through each and every day. Every song seems to keep me going. I listen from the time I get up, until I go to bed. Thanks you for being there.

Living for the World

By: Andrea

When I was very young, about 6 years old, my brothers and I were taken away from my birth parents and placed in foster care. We had never gone to church before we were placed in foster care, and it wasn't until I was in my third foster home that I finally was able to start going to church. I didn't start listening to WBGL on a regular basis until a few years ago, even though I've been going to church for around 13 years now. I found your station on the way to a appointment and instantly fell in love with the music. It is the highlight of my day. It keeps me focused more on the positive aspects life, and less on the negative. Thank you so much for playing this music, and in helping me to keep worshiping God, even when I'm going through those rough times in life.

Apathy turned to LOVE

By: Bethany

Dear WBGL, I just wanted to thank you for what you are doing. I am a freshman in college and my faith has always been a part of my life, but this first year of college I became very apathetic about God. I doubted His existence and my heart just didn't care anymore. I experienced a life without the joy of Christ in my heart for the first time, and HATED it. I got to the point where I was starving for that love again. But I had convinced myself that because I felt apathetic about God that maybe God felt apathetic about me. My human emotions and doubts were hindering my soul and heart from receiving the great love God always had and will have for me. One day I decided I wanted to feel that never ending love again, I switched my radio to 91.7, and it has stayed there ever since. The fellowship, worship, and friendship I receive from this station every day had brought me back to a place where my heart can rejoice once again. God constantly pours His love for me out through these songs. This radio station reminds me every day I am a child of a living God, who will NEVER stop loving me no matter what I do, how I feel or where I go. A love no human mind could ever fathom. I now walk with a confident faith, heart, and mind in my Father because of you guys. Thank you so much for all you do!   In His grip, Bethany