A Light at the End of Our Very Dark Tunnel


I used to hear my friend, Pumpkin, talk about a radio station called WBGL all of the time. I never really had an urge to listen to it though. My husband and I listened to all different kinds of music and radio stations, just not Christian Rock. On June 5th of this year, the last day of school for Gibson City, our kids and I unexpectedly lost a father and husband of 15 years. Never have we ever been through anything so sad in our lives. We were full of confusion, questions, but above all, sadness. Then, on top of losing the man in our lives, I had to let go of my oldest son one week after my husband's service for the entire summer, as he went to basic training at Fort Benning, GA. Then, I lost my job. It really just seemed as though our whole world was caving in. How much is one person supposed to endure not only in a lifetime, but in just a couple of months time? I never wanted to listen to the radio much anymore, because every song that came on would remind me of my husband. After talking to Pumpkin one day, I turned the radio to WBGL. I haven't turned it off since. You all have given me strength to get through this time in our lives and have helped me to help our kids get through it before school starts back up. WBGL helped us more than you can possibly know!! I have found you guys and we're NEVER letting go!! THANK YOU!!!!

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