My Challenge


I was brought up in church. I knew the ways of the Lord but I didn't follow them after I left my home... my father died and I really became lost, washed from one bad decision to the next. My family never lost hope for me I know.. they continued to pray. At the age of 32 I finally achieved my bachelors and also got pregnant with my son. I was not abandoned by my family even though I was without a spouse.  After my son was born and his father decided to leave for greener pastures.  When my son approached his 5th birthday...I prayed...Lord help me... help us...let me make the right choices.  A week later I had a new place to live and 3 jobs. Life was hard, but it was honest and good. I swore off dating for a year, I concentrated on my boy, and it was good. Then when a year had past I met the most amazing guy... who had also hit his knees on the patio and said Lord if you want me single that's ok but I would really like to not be.  We started talking (we had known each other through our high school years in band) and it was amazing. He was nothing like my "dream guy" but I stood back and said God you are in charge and what I realized more than anything is that HE KNOWS WHO YOUR DREAM GUY IS EVEN IF YOU ARE TOO CLOSED OFF TO SEE IT! I am so beyond happy with my life with Andy... he is the most amazing husband and father. He adopted my son after we were married and now my life is truly complete.  I am so blessed.  Sometimes I feel like I am just too happy but I know the teenage years are coming so I will have mine soon enough.

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