WBGL from across the world


WBGL - Thank you! You are a Great Encouragement. I listen to you guys every day and especially love the morning show, though in my part of the world we have to listen to them in the evening. :) My brother first started listening to it, then I started the habit too. I feel I'm worshipping God no matter what I'm doing. Being a teenager, my friends listen to various kinds of music, but WBGL is the only music I listen to. The fact that it's on the internet and is on 24/7 is amazing. If I had to choose between going in my room and sitting at my desk and studying neatly, and sprawling on the floor in the hall, I'd choose the hall because I can listen to you guys on the computer. I LOVE the 'Weekend Top Twenty Countdown', and I am always eager to hear the number one song. WBGL makes my day, every day. Thank you!

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